Ehepaar gewinnt Jackpot im Online Casino und bezieht ...

Casino jackpot winners of reddit, what game did you win, how much, and what did you do with your winnings?

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Lottery/Casino Jackpot winners of reddit, how much did you win and what did you spend it on?

And how much did you spend on the ticket/put down on table or in the slot machine?
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[AMA Request] [No Reward] Lottery or casino jackpot winner (One million or more)

  1. How has it changed your life and your relationship with friends and family?
  2. Were you a addict who kept playing until you hit the jackpot or did you just play it once or twice on a whim and it happened to be the golden ticket?
  3. Without divulging any sensitive information, what process did your state's/province's gaming commision make you go through before you had the money at your disposal?
  4. Do you have any tips to minimize government taxation if it ever happens to any of us?
  5. Did you/are you blowing it or are you budgeting it to live off of for the rest of your life? Public Contact Information: Not Applicable
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Blog Update: Monday Casino news report - 16 September 2019

From the
In the news this week we cover a very busy week in casino news. Two robbers shot at a casino in Louisiana, a suicide at a California casino, a robbery at a South Dakota Casino, an Oklahoma casino security guard assaulted, a Detroit Michigan casino parking incident, a wrongful dismissal lawsuit at a Colorado casino, a Connecticut casino suing a Canadian patron, a big drug bust at a Philadelphia casino, bonus chips at a New York casino, job losses at a Michigan casino, a new casino for Oklahoma, 10 year anniversary celebrations at the Hard Rock casino in Oklahoma, a new hotel for a Michigan casino, Illinois casino revenue down but gambling still expanding, a Delaware casino jackpot winner and another winner at a Philadelphia casino on the same game we reported 3 winners on last week.
At the Directory of Slots, we’ve added two new partner casinos, Slotland and Win A Day online casinos, and published online casino reviews for the two on our casinos page. You’ll also find that all the video slot reviews now also have the free spins bonus codes and details at the end of the Game Info section, so you can go straight to the game and have the bonus code on hand. Some of the video slots come with a free chip, so you can actually play any game at the online casino hosting the featured video slot.
2 robbers shot, one killed, in Casino robbery
The EZ Aces Casino in Louisiana was the scene of a robbery gone wrong in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to a news release from the Lake Charles police department spokesperson...see more
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Casino workersd of Reddit, in your entire time working at a casino, how many major jackpot winners have you witnessed? If any?

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People who work at casinos, what was the biggest win or jackpot you ever witnessed? What was the reaction of the other people? Did they cheer for the winner and clap like in the movies?

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Zodiac Casino - CA$20 million big jackpot winner on Mega Moolah (Canada)

Zodiac Casino - CA$20 million big jackpot winner on Mega Moolah (Canada)

Mega Moolah, one of the biggest progressive jackpot slots out there, has struck again, breaking its own record for the biggest online jackpot in history. This time around, the exact amount won was $20,057,734 although there isn't much more information in terms of where this historic win happened or who the lucky winner is.
Over the last couple of weeks, the suspense has been building up as the jackpot has been increasing, reaching the „drop“ zone. Although there is really no telling when a progressive jackpot might strike, most players were of the opinion it would happen around the $20 million mark this time around, which turned out to be true.
At the time of writing this article, there are no further details as to who the lucky winner is or what online casino had the honor to host the record-breaking win. The second part isn't all that important, though, as these major progressives are paid out by the provider themselves, so the winner will be receiving their jackpot prize straight from Microgaming.
This huge jackpot coming this early into 2019 is definitely a great start for Microgaming and their most popular progressive slot. The win comes on the heels of another major win recorded at the end of September of last year, which amounted to €18.9 million.
Although the cash amount of both wins was similar, depending on the conversion rates, the latest jackpot is definitely the biggest sum to appear on the tracker and the win will undoubtedly inspire more players to try their luck in the months to come.
Despite being won only a few days ago, the new Mega jackpot has already breached the €8,000,000 mark and continues to increase with every minute.

Read more here:
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Jackpot winner says she lost thousands after casino records Social Security number wrong

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[Video] - Jackpot winner says she lost thousands after casino records Social Security number wrong

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[Video] - Jackpot winner says she lost thousands after casino records Social Security number wrong | FOX

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Lucky Guess is a blockchain online casino game. You can customize any contents for gambling. Then users who is interested can chip in it. And we get a jackpot. The winner takes the coins in this jackpot. Play Game:; Join Community:

Lucky Guess is a blockchain online casino game. You can customize any contents for gambling. Then users who is interested can chip in it. And we get a jackpot. The winner takes the coins in this jackpot. Play Game:; Join Community: submitted by vgameplatform to u/vgameplatform [link] [comments]

Table Mountain Casino's Massive Cash Jackpot Showers April Winner With $86,963.16

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Massive Cash Jackpot At Table Mountain Casino Pays Bakersfield Winner $114,177.39

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SugarHouse Online Casino Winner Hits Mega Jackpot On First Spin

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Die Point Casino Spiele bieten den Jackpot an die Gambling Winners

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Even when there's a single lottery jackpot winner, just as in any casino, the house always wins.

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Largest Bad beat hit at MGM National Harbour. $282k. All regular players. Royal Canadian Quad Queens.

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If BattleBots were Twisted Metal, what would the teams/drivers wish for?

And how would their wishes be corrupted?
For those unfamiliar, Twisted Metal is (was?) a vehicular combat game that started on the PS1 and lasted until the PS3. In the game the winner is granted one wish by Calypso, the organizer of the contest... except when the wishes are granted they are "monkey paw" wishes, they're correct on technicality in a twisted way but clearly not what the character had in mind. (For example, the demon Minion wishes to spend eternity back in Hell. Calypso instead sends him to Hell, Michigan. For eternity.)
So if BattleBots were Twisted Metal and competitors were given a wish instead of the Giant Nut, what would happen? Some of my thoughts:
- Kraken: Wishes for "the elder ones" to awaken. Lovecraftian monsters resurface from the ocean's depths, however this process requires a sacrifice and it's not like Calypso is going to volunteer...
- Jackpot: Wishes to "win big" in Las Vegas. They have uncanny luck in the casinos, so much so that security believes them to be cheating somehow, apprehends them, and beats them in an alleyway.
- Chronos: Wishes to be able to "control time". Is tasked with supervising the cesium atomic clock for all eternity.
- Sporkinok: Wishes for "complete LGBTQ acceptance worldwide". Wakes up in a bizarre parallel dimension where heterosexual people are oppressed and fighting for civil rights.
- Overhaul: Wishes for anime to be "made real". Is rejected by the team mascot.
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Unique Relapse - Need Support/Feedback

I am a gambling addict. I recognized my addiction 10 years ago but didn’t acknowledge it and try to get better until 5 years ago.
After struggling to stay gamble free for 2 years, I finally was able to stop completely with support of family and friends around me. I opened up to them and in return was blessed with love and empathy.
Last week I was 15 days away from 3 years straight gamble free. For business I had to travel to a different state, and there was a casino open near my hotel that my company put me in. I wanted to go in just to see how it felt and prove I was disconnected. This was a mistake.
I sat at a slot and immediately couldn’t help myself. I convinced myself that I needed to play to prove that it wouldn’t feel the same. I know that from an outside perspective this rationalization sounds utterly foolish, but in the moment I tricked my mind to where it made sense.
I put in a $100 bill and hit the max bet for a $20 spin. Nothing. Hit it again, and the feature triggers and goes to the bonus wheel.
The wheel stops. The machine screams and the lights go haywire. I hear people around me clapping. I hit the Mega Jackpot for $163,000.
Now, I was smart enough to take the net winnings after tax and get out of there as fast as I could. Since then I have paid off every dollar of debt I had and I still have a ton of money leftover just sitting in my checking account. My credit report will now show $0 debt. Credit cards and student loans gone.
I’m still in shock. While it’s incredible to be debt free and have some real cash on hand, I feel like I didn’t deserve this and I should’ve been punished, not rewarded. I haven’t gambled since and I am currently 6 days clean after the relapse.
My grandpa, who is super supportive, told me to take it as a blessing from God. He said that I should use it as motivation to “go out a winner” and if I ever feel like gambling again to just remember I’ll never win more than I did this time.
Guys, I’m conflicted emotionally and mentally. I’m afraid of myself and how easily I relapsed after almost 3 years. I’m disappointed and afraid. I keep thinking about what could’ve happened if I didn’t get ridiculously lucky and win the jackpot and if I just kept losing. I would’ve probably played until I lost it all, as I used to until 3 years ago.
I used to say, “one day I’ll hit the jackpot and all my problems will be solved.” What sucks is I had just come to terms with how sick and delusional that sounded when I’d say it. The issue is, it actually happened now, and I’m in the best financial place I’ve ever been. I should feel on top of the world.
I know not to go back. I need to hear from others though. I need advice to help me stay strong and to help me forgive myself. Please.
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Am I in denial?

I don’t know if I have a gambling addiction or if there is something else wrong with me.I was diagnosed with impulse control issues when I was a teenager and I have ADHD and OCD. So my relationship with gambling is weird because I started off as a poker player and made a living off it and one day while waiting on my seat to open up I used the free play the casino gave me and hit a hand pay. I always thought slots were for losers and never played anything but table games (mostly blackjack) and poker, but after that after each session I would put whatever odd amount I cashed out to make my winnings an even hundred number. So like if I won $585 in poker I would normally allow myself to play the $85. As time went on I would win some and lose some, but I would always leave if I got the change up to $200 or more and then one day I hit a jackpot for $6k+. After that day I started putting $100 in slots on my way to the poker room and $100+ the change when I left. After a while it got to the point where poker was slow so I would end up playing slots more than poker. I don’t really know how I came to this point, but I’m generally very good and self control whether I’m winning or losing, but every now and then I go off the rails and lose a huge amount even if I started off winning and always feel like crap after I leave. It doesn’t happen every time and after it does I lose all interest in gambling for months, but it has happened probably like 3-4 times in the last 4 years that accumulated to a total loss of ~$100k. I keep track of my sessions and I know I’m a net winner, but I hate the feeling like I lose control and just go off and don’t know if that’s addiction or just poor impulse control. Am I addicted to gambling and in denial?
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the cosmopolitan six thousand five hundred dollar bank the bonus live play tonight last night you guys wanted some mighty cash i found you a mighty cash double up look at those numbers that we're working with same format last night we do 500 tickets however some of my tickets are a thousand bucks they're just easier that way so i'll have to do some uh thinking and uh math but i get kerry here to help me out and i got all my lovely and fans so ticket starts at a thousand dollars so we're not gonna go below 500 guys so this one should be pretty easy max volume bank the bonus live play 13.50 a spin [Music] mighty cash double up let's see this haywire five or more for the bonus [Music] mr classic tv says punky power thank you mr classic tv oh yeah mr classic tv i think you won one of those blenders or um mixers but i need to get your address so send me an email or message me on facebook so i know jimmy d won the other mixer but i'm pretty sure you are the other winner so i want to get that sent out to you yes haywire we got something big oh 45 bucks good ones big one oh i couldn't drop like the maxi because it doubles up [Music] wait there we go [Music] and carrie we trust so we're gonna have him hit the button all right gary [Music] wow that's huge let's keep getting these red ones yes this is not bad red [Music] that wasn't a good spin but if your first two are pretty solid so i forgive you [Music] yolanda rory love you bry mighty cash is the best i love you too yolanda hopefully it will come to new york here soon yeah this is a decent oh yolanda which one do i pick yolanda's picking guys left right middle if yolanda's in here we'll give her a first chance to pick one two or three your left middle right yolanda i'm gonna wait for her i am i'm in plenty of time [Music] i'm a no hurry this is a nice little bonus yolanda gets to pick [Music] leland assistant too all right here it is shoot that's fine all right let's do it anything filled up down there okay extra 13.50 [Music] yes too bad we couldn't fill that up this is not a bad little hit i'll do some ticket math later on because uh i had a thousand dollar ticket but a good start yesterday we started off great and then it went south and if smaller bets work we'll do smaller bets but i am getting some revenge on that 25 cash code it's a jackpot to start the night what do you know [Music] yolanda has no reason to be sorry how's the picture quality everybody we have one person keep saying bad picture but everybody else says [Music] [Music] nothing [Music] all right let me see if i can uh [Music] all right [Music] all right is that good now how does that look perfect all right couple backup spins come on please please please [Music] backup spins galore i saw it go by too all right two thousand dollars will be the ending point [Music] all right first game get a win nice start all right so this ticket guys oh cougar girls 9.99 super justice happy new year all right i reset it i don't know what else to do so i did reset the wi-fi i mean the picture i am at mercy of the casino and romeo evan welcome to the bod rubber ducky club all right guys since um the same ticket so five hundred dollars again i've got these thousand dollar tickets i have to use them twice so the floor is going to be 1500 all right all right 17 16 a spin [Music] that's huge 300 that's good [Music] [Applause] yep i i work with what i have so [Music] maybe it'll get better but i did reset it twice after that i can't do much i apologize but i'm working with what they have but thank you to 800 people watching one more [Music] open this pot 24. [Music] 40 bucks [Music] yes scott i just re-logged into wi-fi for the third time i did reset it and i reset it again so [Applause] [Music] all right before the bonus i'll see if i can fix the wi-fi whoops 73. if you're winning with that well i find it just keep it that way give me one second guys this is my best four games [Music] which one do you guys look all right which one should i pick i've never done this thank you raja what do you guys want [Music] miss mary brian thank you for the live play i really activity oh thank you miss mary [Music] coins [Music] all right coins all coins come on yes oh we're going to do something on the left [Music] chris had patches behind me for me hey one more time i logged out i forgot the network and i logged back in [Music] guys not much i can do guys so the i'm doing the best i can but tell me it's blurry and tell me it's unwatchable and you're gonna unsubscribe above and beyond because i don't control the wi-fi you're gonna unsubscribe from my channel uh i'm not trying to be negative here but don't say crap like that that's just not cool all right guys i'm doing the best i can to give you guys some bonus live play and kyle sell data does not work at all in vegas anyways we got a bonus 776 dollars all right there's some backup spans the floor we'll get 2800 2750 2800 we'll see how it goes and we'll do the top up if we hit it [Music] all right so 27.50 is gonna be the floor so the first thousand in we're gonna have at least 27.50 so that's a great start tonight the pot is a little over 6500 but that's what the tickets i had available was they're gonna make that work but thank you all for tuning in thank you for you know the watching the earlier live play and we got a super chat herbert d brian you're doing fine ignore the complaint all right one more spin and we're gonna cash out so far it's a good little start [Music] all right let's move what do you guys want to see next is my lucky players card [Music] so [Music] those are not multi-dino [Music] yep how you doing yeah i hope so i reset it again it's still really bad i i re-logged in crushing it you hit reconnect i hit reconnect yeah it's still brilliant now all right we're back live all right thank you all right guys garager just help me out it's great usually for a little bit and then it kind of sputters out all right guys how about some konami konami time [Music] [Music] it can go to a hotel you go to hotel next all right and play konami games radiant witch 15 to spin so the floor on this game is gonna be 500. because it's a thousand dollar ticket let's do it guys but thank you all for tuning in hey brian i got a super chat for you one dollar lucky super chat from jose all right usually the usually for a super chat has to be at least 1.99 or higher to say anything doesn't want it we'll try one this is going in the community pot there we go so now you're in action you have a point one tenth of a percentage all right taxi 10 000. yeah we need to go to the other one all right we're gonna try the hotel one all right we're gonna try one more wi-fi guys i apologize all right all right last try guys after this we're just gonna wing it but waffs 73 in bod we trust thank you wasps genomes just keep crushing it all right guys if i missed a super chat then i did do my best doing my best all right here we go it's an iphone 12 pro mac so it should the phone's not the issue here oh i think it was one away from that symbol nice you love silver lucky 25 super super chat flip phone it's a motorola gopro i have no idea come on three or more bonus symbols may trigger the money galaxy feature oh you're not like that okay [Music] we switched the wi-fi network so hopefully guys hopefully this helps it's holding up so we'll take it at this point jose ah i tried [Music] guys it has nothing to do with the camera on the phone it's the wifi [Music] chris pat you're doing great brian of data oh that's my new name brian of data 9150 so i heard you made a killing in the stock market today had a good day you guys haven't checked out raja makes money the mods have been actually posting the link so thank you mod for doing that come on kanami give me some heck yeah [Music] gosh you guys i might have to cancel live play early tonight if i have to keep modding for myself [Music] come on it's due [Music] uh now i get that radiant witch symbol when i don't need it yep once again [Music] well i would go play it and that's that's it that's the 500 mark so [Music] all right let's keep moving on guys [Music] now um somebody specifically told me i should go play high stakes [Music] you know what maybe he'll do some video poker since carrie's here tonight how would you guys want to see some ultimate at the video poker i think that could be fun 1250 spin max that volume out yay or nay on video poker oops stephen hall he requested this game tonight so he got it apple alert for guys tonight 5 30 ah so close 5 30 pacific time you know what i did really good on last night was uh one more that uh i hit those two nice jackpots on uh also environment really i haven't if we went at one more and open up the taco that is like another four i never have like an ultimate fire like played it again last night but the last couple ever since i started playing that another one ultra hot megalink i didn't go to those now they've done these whole shows okay i never liked it because i never got the bonus but now we've got all these great bonuses they're gonna take 5 30 guys the big jackpot will be live on the main facebook page with youtube live play to follow at six o'clock pacific time [Music] yes we got a bonus see what happens when i push the button all right big one here we go carrie go ahead and hit the button carrie terry first lucky raja high rollers i had to mix it up it didn't work for me yesterday all right raja your turn your turn nah all right jose hit the button [Music] okay there we go that's 125 for jose tracy says i feel bbb coming for b.o.d well we believe in b.o.d everybody hit the thumbs up jose you're on the roll ready another 125. you're fired i'm fired i'll come in and save the day all right come on all right you're in all right here we go there you go that's all you guys are worth 25. oh this is 50 cents it's 12 minutes all right carrie you're back in it come on 62.50 jose tagging you back in you're hired again come on that's this is a brd spin oh okay there it is all right same as the raja come on nature just drop it oh really i carry you're back in [Music] all right jose we'll worry about the price of the grand if we come to that all right it comes down to body [Applause] that's something 362. [Music] it is but yours is a lot tighter mine's maybe the spring's gone or something [Applause] [Music] all right backup spins we'll play it down to what 500. how does that sound that sounds great thank you one more sorry he's live right now [Music] ma'am it's 45 dollars i'm sorry that's my gunnery jose my agent told me that all right big congratulations to the quick father he's not going to be with us tonight and right when we got done playing about one o'clock last night went to the room get a good night's sleep at three o'clock he sent me a message he had to get an uber for a five-hour drive back to california he missed his baby being born that's why we picked this date early in the month because baby was due on the 18th so we're like okay two weeks plenty of time you know get home and yeah out of nowhere last night all right guys what do you think we should play next all right autumn moon let's do it ah guys i do not really charge 45 dollars a photo you guys can believe whatever you want this one's due i'm into this game for at least a thousand bucks i get this one two oh the better match yeah no no but this one yesterday all right here we go twenty dollars to spend fifty four hundred dollar major hundred and three thousand dollar grand this is slower than like that first [Music] so the floor is 500 on this game unless we decide to play a second round on it so thousand dollar ticket in the floor come on what whoa no oh i thought you had it oh wow how did you screw that up very easily oh i thought i had it thousands left what happened to that 20 orb what happened to that 20 dollar orb tracy if jose twerks upside down like naomi there will be mega booms wow you've been requesting the twerk upside down [Music] diane mccall says whatever rajo says about you after i fell for the malaria hoax [Laughter] so diane mccall says she doesn't believe anything you say about me after she fell for the malaria hoax when you told everybody i had malaria b.o.d uh brandon true b.o.d ah what what grand did you hit the other day when the raja was live it's probably the same as me having malaria whatever that's worth [Music] it's no minor finally [Music] the good news is i don't have malaria currently but the question is are you going to fall asleep 2 000. i knew this game was due ah yeah come on keeping it alive [Music] now i pumped well over a thousand bucks in this game last night [Music] plus in the group paul we didn't do too well either [Music] [Applause] thousand right [Music] oh here it comes 103 000 live let me at least see it i did not see it i got my glasses on and i don't see it again the drama it's left-handed does it work nope i need to mix it up is that what you do in the bedroom people got jokes today come on [Music] hopefully we keep playing well i can pay off my markers it'll be nice [Music] that's something is that tick-tock tick-tock well i only have one phone unlike some people wow you guys both have one phone wait we got so many girls and tracy d if you don't mind sending me a photos later on of all the jackpots thank you all right so the floor is gonna be three thousand bucks one more moon there's still good line hit john johnson boom boom boom in bod's room that's right [Music] yeah this machine was definitely due after i mean carrie watched me struggle on this game last night i mean struggle one more i knew this game had to do a comeback hi there how you doing today good how are you i'm doing well you can't do recording what did this gentleman tell you i'm spitting fake news again i'm gonna have to call security on you that wouldn't be the first time yeah they called him last time when he had those prostitutes you grabbed his hands on his feet caesar's palace was not a good day remember caesar's palace and that lady i was tracy says i'm waiting jose you got this bee all right cash it out so this yeah so yeah this was a new this was a fresh ticket jimmy beauty on ajita keep it up i got your hoodie in my room during his live play i'll get it for you all right cash cove 25 a spin so the floor is just under 2 500. purple and gold saw it's nice wind keep it up i'm going to purple gold and i got jimmy d there you go all right all right so the floor is like 2 400 and change what doesn't want my ticket i did this yesterday too gaming machine unable to redeem at this time that was weird and it took it cash go 25 to spend cash cove just under 2 400 sorry just under 2 500. come on make up make up for you so 24 in change [Music] 100 dollars get it oh but thank you to all the mods help out thank you to kerry all aboard or luxury line tiffany j beauty great live stream can you play some cats all right we'll do cats after this [Music] no thank you nope i'm doing well not drinking anything so i'm gonna hold off as long as we keep winning i will not have a sip of water the entire livestream i am very superstitious [Music] what did he get nice jose is on ajita as tracy d would say this ticket will be put in the bank after this machine is over that's a great observation [Music] [Music] doesn't want me to quit this game i guess no okay there you go all right couple more spins not gonna go below 2400 come on come on all right final spin on this game cash an hour all right all right so that i think it's done all right we're gonna put another thousand dollar ticket in so once again the floor is gonna be um 500 bucks i didn't have to didn't have time to break down the tickets cats here it is somebody wanted cats to send a super chat and i haven't done cats in a while so [Music] 15 to spin [Music] yes that's it i thought it looked it looked a lot better in my mind sometimes the lower bets work better that's a pay line on 15. oh fine don't have to convince me it looks like if i'm a game manufacturer i'm making 15 lines that's not one of mine [Music] yeah of all the games being different heights different angles it's not always the easiest sometimes to uh that's it fifteen all right 30 that's fine 30 bucks on cats ah 200 nice [Music] come on bank the bonus that's good huh 400. nice [Music] that's right johnny milwaukee loves all the games that have cats in it kitty glitter miss kitty [Music] bonus [Music] [Music] what do you think should i play 45 a spin on catch or keep it here at 30. 500 is the floor we're going for that bonus oh yeah 250. i'll tell you what we'll do actually choose the max you can only play 30 bucks so by default oh bonus nope no nope gina anyway can you play black widow uh maybe you'll do some black widow i'll tell you what since we're doing well in the game we'll i don't want to lose any money on this game so we'll set the floor in a thousand bucks so we guarantee we don't lose any money playing cats [Music] i hate to do well in the machine and go broke trying to hit the bonus so [Music] come on okay 200 just for that [Music] and if we break the two 2000 mark maybe he'll set a floor above that come on full screen say meow i likey [Music] so if the raja ever tells you something about me 95 of the time it's not true he said you were an awesome individual b.o.d yep see told you now he knows better than joke about my dogs so oh yeah that's like the one thing he knows so if he says something about my dogs that may be true but besides that i never had malaria [Music] what's not a pay line but this jagged thing is that's bs hey ben hello [Music] don't get called on me kitty cats [Music] all right um is black widow on here all right this game's getting cold i'm going to use this extra 186 dollars for black widow so the forum black widow's still going to be 500. i so whatever that's worth executive vod decision [Music] forty dollars to spend on black widow [Music] the floor is at 500 on the game he's taking some of that extra money [Music] all right a black widow floor is five hundred dollars oh there's yep i that's a lot of people say i look like the purple guy in black widow they're the pink guy does that look like b.o.d what do you guys think i think it is they modeled it after me maybe that's right the raja this is his favorite game because he gets to see me all the time [Music] wow cheryl clark blackwidow be nice to b.o.d thank you we don't think we had a single playback of anything on black widow yet [Music] not a single does black widow hate b.o.d looks like ben affleck oh there we go on the last spin it pays 160 says don't quit on me [Music] ah mark wahlberg all right final spin and we're putting this ticket in the bank for cats and black widow so cats and black widow is done now i did play some um dancing drums earlier today and i got killed 2 000 down on dancing drums so based on that it's dancing drums revenge [Music] time [Music] yeah i saw my afternoon live play we did play some dancing drums so what do i got left 500 500 500 000 so 6500 in tickets i have 2500 left let's just make it easy to put a 500 ticket here so once again guys i had to get some thousand dollar tickets i couldn't get the 500 so that's why we used some tickets twice 1760 a bet and we're going for three if we get it we're going for three the last three games we haven't done anything so we're due for another bonus here jimbo come on drums let's see a bonus i agree timbo so the mini's at 178 miners 626 that seems awfully high you son of a yeah majors at 9 000 yeah we're going for three because that's what i said all right here we go all right big money there we go that's it [Music] yes oh one more dragon that helped 120 yeah 360. [Music] all right 660 dollar bonus [Music] all right we're gonna play some more uh like 750 floor on this game we need some backup spins let's get another bonus [Music] you know screw it we'll do the mystery if we get it again that sounds fine with me mystery if we get another bonus i just hit five drums [Music] all right final spin unless we hit something um [Music] all right whoops says uh [Music] top dollar let's do it [Music] a lot of people like the double top dollar [Music] yeah 210 dollars to spend sorry 10 dollars a credit 20 [Music] we've been doing better on the lower d knobs right now so [Music] she says always double she's an expert so yeah 10's on there i'm putting a thousand dollar ticket in so the floor will be 500. [Music] so it's 20 dollars yes we did some higher spins earlier going backwards still good slide play [Music] carla howard says good luck tonight hashtag bonus time hope you're staying warm up there [Music] carla [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is my card working all right let's see this top dollar logo [Music] so close there we go [Music] almost 2 000 people watching thank you guys for tuning in tonight make the bonus live play from the cosmopolitan las vegas hit that subscribe button keep notifications on because sometimes i do surprise live play like this morning last spin [Music] and i did some like hundred dollar huffing puff this morning all right let's move on to some pinball [Music] two credit pinball we'll do 20 to spin on this too yes we'll do the video poker [Music] let's set pinball yeah uh these old school pinballs you can't see them anymore you don't find them much all the casinos that have them do not get rid of them looks like the new pinball they have it's a little different format 20 to spin so with a three credit pinball you get five shots with two credit pinball you get four [Music] that was 250 okay give this some more ammo to hit this pinball come on come on [Music] ah so close we have 1500 left after this the big jackpot will be live at 5 30 pacific time so [Music] and maybe i'll do some surprise late night live play tonight you never know that's why you have to subscribe and click those notifications on if i do like it yeah yeah it's something i was waiting for like yeah eight grand i'm like my like time just kind of stopped okay for me i'm like is it gonna happen [Music] it is what time what time is it carrie right now i think about five o'clock or so so it's 4 45 yes there we go uh i think i'm gonna keep the ten dollar genome it's working i hate to blow through everything on the twenty five dollar d numb we ain't broke i rather win a little bit of money on a smaller bet than lose more money on a larger bet [Music] yeah maybe some we'll see late no promises i did a surprise live play this afternoon [Music] and it's not a surprise if i tell you happy new year b.o.d and good luck well thank you sonny happy new year to you come on pinball get a couple decent line hips golden nugget that's a casino we're at the cosmopolitan is there a game called golden nugget oh yeah [Music] what was your biggest hit um nice on 15 bets yeah can't beat that [Music] i know where a wild wild nugget is but um some guy last night kept saying wild wild nugget the whole time and it really gave me bad juju and we lost so no wild wild nugget tonight i'm not a fan of that game anyways but we got a come on bonus 80. okay 250 it's a good start come on 80 80 no 500 bucks come on 80 80. [Music] [Applause] all right we're at 8 40. like 7 60 something like that get it five back upstairs legit whoops taught me so my final spin okay cash now [Music] 1500 left [Music] carrie and i gonna play some video poker for five thirty dollars to spin ultimate x video poker scary carry and body now beauty is gonna make the best choices oh thank you for that i'll do the best i can i got carrie here so we'll [Music] oh i didn't sorry i was um live when you texted me oh you're fine [Music] thank you thank you do you want a cosmopolitan no no no hold nothing or yeah all right oh so i was playing this earlier i got dealt four to the royal correct carry yeah i got dealt four to the royal i had a four-time multiplier up top or something and of course i did not hit it we'll be back to slots after this open ender all right seven queens [Music] maybe i should have held the aces michael alphonse in the house check out live stream casino shenanigans on facebook featuring michael halphon nothing all right the no holds barred anything goes facebook gambling drinking debauchery group sanders lodge shared the length thank you okay in order here we go oh come on give us something here come on [Music] all right here we go four to the flush let's hit this yeah look at the next all right come on four of a kind wherever oh come on oh come on top here okay guys all right come on could be eight thousand dollars it could be all right here we go a little dramatic pause come on twenty thousand dollars here it comes [Music] oh man yep yeah i got del four to the royal with the multiplier i had a couple good deals today [Music] here we go [Music] all right here we go come on four of a kind four of a kind king queen [Music] hey quads there we go oh cheers that's why i got somebody else here [Music] maybe if i do a late night it'd be all video poker live stream it's a possibility if anybody wants to do a video poker with me tonight maybe i'm going for it oh you just look at it [Music] okay so it's open ender too yeah so you need a two or seven eclipse [Music] there we go [Applause] 2500 [Music] all right [Music] nice all right so we're at 28 10. i'll probably play down 2 500 or so yeah um come on here it comes guys let's play for a miracle carry i'm good right yeah ah tyler smith the b.o.d for president carrie lee for vp i like it okay let's do it again come on four of a kind [Music] [Music] [Music] yes sir oh come on four aces come on [Music] [Music] okay that's right it's lacey from the slot ladies the one and only will she go live tonight i don't know if you guys want to send her money on only fans i think she may go live again tonight but hopefully is that how you send people money oh yeah so if you check out lacey's instagram and tracyd or whoever has it share it in the chat and on instagram they have your cash app in there so if somebody wants to send lacey 100 bucks or she gets up to 500 tonight i think she may go live again [Music] oh somebody sent you 100 you just need 400 more all right that sounds fair and whoever sends the most money can pick the game [Music] it'd probably be after the big jackpot tonight probably directly after before the group poll [Music] it actually was good she told me my left arm was sore because my right arm was tight [Music] yeah i had the hundred minute in the end well worth it eight times there we go anything i have a mask on my braces oh there we go can we get the flush can we get a flush ah yeah that's a good way to end it positive money and tracy d thank you mod tracy just shared lacey's instagram so just to confirm her cash app is linked in the buy over instagram right yeah all right so if she gets 500 tonight 400 more she will be going live [Music] am i down only 500 left yeah i guess i'm only at 500 left tonight wow i thought it had more oh yeah we had the thousand between those two machines right so what do we want to do for the last so let me think about schmidt i put 500 in there 500 here okay we all know what's going to happen last guys 25 spins huff and puff [Music] that's right guys huff and puff to end the night and wild wild nugget is being played i was going to end it tonight in a wild wild nugget but some gentleman is playing it so i can't do that yep 25 spins we're doing well we're gonna do 25 spins we did it yesterday for a thousand bucks we couldn't hit so maybe it's due that that logic worked on the uh what game did the logic were gone oh autumn moon we lost yesterday all right here we go 25 spins huff and puff let's do it um yeah maybe some late night live play i'll talk to some people and figure out a game plan there's no promises [Music] well i got some money to throw in the pot it could be video poker who knows two more yeah yeah there we go by the way we're gonna end it we got backup spins all right i'm excited yesterday was terrible today is much much better one more oops man i didn't mean to do that [Music] oh come on don't be like that it is going to be like that we got backup spin so there's one point we just want a coin [Music] ouch and the actual three games only played seven dollars and fifty cents it was bad [Music] 500 bucks will be the floor [Music] thank you that was not a good bonus nope nope nope [Music] come on the volume is maxed out that is not the issue what are you gonna do one more spin to end the night on bank the bonus live play i don't i would like to play it through but i don't know if that's fair because everybody has to agree on it so based on that um i'm okay thank you though so but guys thank you so much on behalf of b.o.d scary carrie and lacey we will see you soon remember check her out on instagram camera's on you just let you know oh hi taking my these are not i can't walk in them so i'm switching all right so check her out on instagram if she gets 500 today she's going live and you pick the game if you're the highest donor and also check her out on only fans so all right guys thanks to glot and i will see you guys later on maybe late night tonight bye
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Powerball Winners - Learn How to Become the Next Winner!

Powerball is a kind of lottery games that is currently making waves. Its popularity has reached new heights in recent months, causing ticket sales to soar. Who doesn't want to get rich fast? In this age of all things convenient, people want to do things the instant way, and joining lotteries to become rich in the blink of an eye is a tempting option. Powerball offers people the chance to make such a dream come true. In fact, there are now dozens upon dozens of Powerball winners today.
Because of the popularity of Powerball, you can find a number of websites that talk about the game, including how it works, what advantages it offers, and what people who have actually won in the game can say about their luck. This article tells you how you can become a Powerball winner by showing you a couple of things that Powerball winners share as their secret weapons.
You play Powerball by choosing five different numbers from one to fifty-five and then choosing one "powerball" number from one to forty-two. The five numbers come out as five white balls, whereas the "powerball" comes out as one red ball. The so-called powerball number may or may not be a number that has already been picked. Either way, Powerball players can place their wagers by availing of the Powerball payslip, which is sold in websites that promote online games, such as various kinds of lotto and casino games.
Of course, Powerball doesn't stop at choosing numbers and placing wagers. Draws must be held. In general, a Powerball play costs only $1.00 per draw, and players can play up to four weeks in advance at a single playing period. That amounts to eight draws, allowing a player's chances of winning to increase. Powerball winners are made this way.
It is a basic law of probability that the more often a person repeats an act, the more likely he or she will get the results he or she desires. Thus, Powerball winners are usually the products of constancy or consistency. Because there are many people out there who play Powerball, there are consequently many possible winners. Those that actually win do so because they exerted more effort in joining more draws and using the same numbers over and over again, and in the process multiplied their chances of becoming Powerball winners. It's simple math, really. To further enhance your chances of winning, you can study and beat the odds by using an analyzer software package, which you can find online. Many winners of the game attest to the effectiveness of using an analyzer software package in yielding successful results.
It's not hard to see and understand why many people prefer to play Powerball compared to other lottery games. Powerball is a combination cash prize game and jackpot game, which means that the rewards waiting for the winning players are huge and significant.
Compared to other lottery games, Powerball offers a bigger chance of hitting the jackpot because there are many possible winning combinations. You too can easily become part of the list of Powerball winners. With tried and tested strategies, like the ones suggested earlier, you can become the next Powerball winner.
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Casino Winner is more than just your average online casino. With an ample selection of video slots to choose from, the range goes beyond the reels with fixed and progressive jackpots, live tables, a sportsbook filled with some of the best odds and much more. That means that whether you’re in the mood for taking over the reels or sitting at one of the Live Casino tables, you’ll find ... Ein britisches Ehepaar durfte sich über einen wahren Geldregen freuen. (Quelle: Pixabay) Thomas Roche (30) und seine Frau Shelley (30) gewannen den Millionen-Jackpot im Oktober im Online Casino ... Casino Jackpot zu knacken. Die Häufigkeit der Auszahlungen ist nicht limitiert. wohl die meisten deutschen Spieler, die progressive Jackpots und Arcade Spiele. Sie finden bei unter den DMAX Games klassische Fruit Slots, die man mit EUR, 25 pro Lauf. Natürlich sind die Automatenspiele bei Winner sehr breit gefächert: Du kannst einen oder anderen Bonus zu schnappen. Tatsächlich ermöglicht ... Ausfürhlicher Winner Casino Test alle Details & Infos Top Slots von Playtech 30 Euro gratis Bonus ohne Einzahlung ⏩ Hier gehts zum Winner Casino Test! Egal was für ein Spieler Sie sind, bei Winner Casino finden Sie alles, was Sie für die ultimative Online-Spielerfahrung benötigen. Ob Sie die besten Spielautomaten möchten, Karten- oder Tischspiele, Video-Poker, Rubbellose, Spielhallenspiele oder jede andere Art von Online-Wetten, wir bieten es an. ist Dein Gratis-Casino aus der TV-Werbung, wo über 100 Casino Spiele zur Auswahl stehen und von Dir entdeckt werden wollen. Zusammen mit Deinen Freunden oder anderen Spielern, die Jackpot von TV-Spots auf ProSieben, SatEins, KabelEins, Pro7Maxx, SatEinsGold oder Sixx kennen, kannst Du nach Herzenslust Dein Glück probieren und versuchen den Jackpot im Online-Casino zu knacken. Die 10 größten Casino Jackpot Gewinne. Datum: 2018-06-29 16:49:34. Autor: Christian Webber. 10.00 / 10 von 1 Stimmen. 1. Die größten Spielbankgewinne – unsere Top 5: Platz 1 – 39,8 Mio USD. Spiel: Megabucks: Software: IGT: Gewinnsumme: 39.710.826,36 USD: Einsatz: 100 USD: Wann: 21 März 2003: Wo: Excalibur Hotel & Casino : Wenn man den Medien glauben darf, dann war ... the casino tweeted with a picture of the winner hidden by a giant check. "Congratulations to Kevin for hitting the $15,491,103 Megabucks Progressive Jackpot at @suncoastcasino!” Read more Alle Spiele im Winner Casino, sind mit einer Gewinntabelle ausgestattet. Dies gilt insbesondere für Slots und Jackpot Automaten. Öffnen Sie die Tabelle, erhalten Sie sofort eine Übersicht über alle Auszahlungen im Winner Casino, die je nach gewähltem Einsatz, Symbolart und Anzahl identischer Bilder auf Sie zukommen können. Casino Winner Jackpots. If you enjoy great video slot games that offer you the opportunity to win wild jackpots, then you have come to the right place, because we offer a range of both progressive and daily jackpot slots that give you the potential to do something amazing!

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CASINO WINS by Blueheart - YouTube

Thanks for Watching HUGE WINS! I PLAY EVERY QUICK HIT SLOT MACHINE IN THE CASINO! Winning W/ SDGuy1234! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the video? Leave a... Das Video zum Rekord-Jackpotgewinn. Mega Fortune spielen auf Der bisher größte online Casino Jackpot aller Zeiten wurde von eine... Dieser Mann gewinnt einen riesigen Jackpot in einem Casino in Las Vegas. Er spielt an einem Spielautomaten. Der Gewinn ist so riesig das er ausrastet und Rum... casino jackpot winners 2019, casino feet - online casinos featuring reviews and ratings of the best American player accepting real mone... High limit $10.00 denomination double lucky slot machine jackpot. #flippinndippinORDER TIPS & STRATEGIES!!!: JFK ... Hello everyone.. Welcome to my Casino slot channel. Here you can find amazing jackpot wins, huge bonus videos and especially very rare slot wins.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and share with your slot friends ... BIGGEST RIO DREAMS JACKPOT in YouTube history!!!! While playing Rio Dreams at Wynn Las Vegas we hit a 4 jewel bonus game and a few re-triggers after...#SlotM... This is my first jackpot of 2020 on first day of the year. It’s been awhile. The Walking Dead 2 slot machine jackpot handpay win with jackpot bonus rounds. C...