Chapter 10 - A Guide to Rueda de Casino

Chapter 10 of the guide covers those Casino partner moves which begin with a single hold, either LLH/FRH or crossed LRH/FRH (e.g. Pimienta, Dedo, Panque/Siete, Vacilala). This page includes a few additional move descriptions, notes on variations and alternative calls, and if relevant, any corrections or updated move descriptions. Quite a few draft Casino partner moves were… El Dedo - Figura Salsa Cubana | Salsa Casino Figure - YouTube. Saved by Andrzej. Salsa Academia Youtube Album Songs Academia Youtube Album Songs 12-dic-2019 - Andrzej descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Watch this fun and informative video on Casino Rueda from Cuba.. Casino Rueda (Rueda de Casino) is a group dance and features two or more couples who exchange partners based on someone calling the turns. Rueda means wheel in Spanish and Casino is the term in Cuba for what we call in the US, Salsa . There are several core steps that are danced the same all over the world, although some There is someone who teaches Casino Rueda in Beijing, but his website is in Chinese. In case you can read it, the site is: Hong Kong, China . Jason Gauci teaches some Casino Rueda in Hong Kong and can be reached at [email protected] The website is Shanghai, China . There is a teacher who teaches a little Casino Rueda in Shanghai. The website is nice Having more fun with couples out of synch, and introducing Rueda with 2 callers. In the Rueda guide at Chapter 9, I introduced a few moves for Ruedas with an even number of couples which temporarily organise into two interwoven sets. Each alternate couple dances out of synch with the other set of couples by… Check out Big3premiummembership on and flashsale ends Wednesday October 14th at

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