Las Vegas Hotel on The Strip - MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Resorts - is now a good time to buy a resort?

MGM Resorts is a holding company operating through its subsidiaries which own and run integrated casinos, hotels, and entertainment resorts across the United States and in Macau.

Revenue Streams

MGM drives its revenue in the following 3 segments:
More than 50% of domestic revenue is driven by non-gaming operations. The revenue model differs greatly between the Las Vegas and Regional Operations. In Las Vegas, non-casino revenue leads casino revenue 3:1 while in regional segment this relationship is the opposite. In China, both segments are about the same.


MGM has kept consistent revenue at ~$10B over the past decade. While the operating cash flow has shown consistent growth, the company was losing money between 2012 and 2015. While the company runs with a manageable Debt to Equity (D/E) ratio of 1.67, the interest rates consume the entire 10% of the company's revenue - a costly expenditure that shows itself big at a time like now - COVID. This year, the business is generating 30% of what it did in the past on average.
While the company pays a considerable 3% dividend, the management shows great inconsistency in its share repurchasing plan, moving up and down from year to year with an overall uptrend.
Please review these consolidated financials for additional information.


This portfolio tracks MGM's performance in the past year alongside its major public competitors. Evidently, MGM's stock price has rebounded since the COVID to its earlier levels, despite financial downturn and significant upcoming annual losses.
The company trades at 57% its tangible assets, the best ratio among its competitors. Its current PE is 7.78 against its last year's earnings - the all time low of the past decade. However, given the unreliable nature of MGM's income, this metric is less meaningful than its price to tangibles, which I consider to be attractive.
Putting it all together, the company is taking a 70% cut on its revenue this year with respective effects on its balance sheet, major throw back on the income and immediate financing arrangements while the stock is trading at the pre-COVID levels. The future is most certainly uncertain, which makes the pricing undeterminable.


MGM is one of the key players in the resort business with somewhat attractive financials and possibly fair pricing. However, nothing in particular stands out to me about this stock at present time. The uncertainty of the future and fully rebound stock price, one the other hand, make it a hard no for me.
Thanks for reading!
Checkout vitddnv's page for more.
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A-Show Stories! AEW Double or Nothing 2019

Double or Nothing
May 25, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand Garden Arena
In January 2019, All Elite Wrestling was announced as a brand-new alternative wrestling organization, the first with a major money backer in many years. I think one of the commendable things about AEW was the nearly year-long roll out of the promotion. Rather than jumping right in the action with a weekly show, AEW planned a serious of major events over the summer to advertise their product to networks, starting with Double or Nothing, a clear reference to the independent supershow All In.
As many of you are aware, I’m not a fan who was disenfranchised by WWE, but I’m always welcoming of new wrestling promotions. I’m glad they released these events on DVD because I’m a proponent of physical media.
The main event featured a rematch from the 2019 Wrestle Kingdom in Japan, the first rematch between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. The winner would face “Hangman” Adam Page, who won the Casino Battle Royal in the preshow, to determine the first AEW World Champion. Jericho had a cool entrance featuring an homage to some of his personas over the years. Omega’s entrance was almost subdued, and I think that word is most appropriate for this match, subdued. This is a good match but it’s missing the energy from earlier in the show, and I think that’s in part because the crowd was a bit burnt out from jumping up and down for the previous hour and a half. Jericho countered the One Winged Angel with a DDT and then hit Omega with the Judas Effect out of nowhere for the win. This was a good match but completely overshadowed by the aftermath, with the former Dean Ambrose, now rechristened Jon Moxley, emerging from the crowd and making his mark by taking down Jericho with the Paradigm Shift, giving the same to the referee and Omega as well.
I think the most anticipated match on this show was the battle of brothers, Cody Rhodes against his elder brother Dustin Rhodes. For a variety of reasons, there was no way this match was going to happen in WWE, at least not in the way that these two wanted. This was their opportunity to demonstrate why they wanted the match so badly. The match turns a corner when Dustin gets busted open after landing head-first on an exposed turnbuckle. Dustin popped a gusher and Cody gets increasingly vicious, targeting shots right to Dustin’s cut, and the fact that it’s Dustin’s brother that is being as remorseless as he is sells it more. It’s the kind of feud that the old school NWA was founded on, personal, bloody issues, and Dustin and Cody demonstrate they learned from their father’s work well. This is also the kind of work that is missing in many matches nowadays, work that is focused less on athleticism and more on story and drama. There are a few big moves in this match, such as a superplex, but you get the impression that both guys are doing moves trying to win the match and achieve superiority in a battle of wills, rather than doing moves to get a star rating. This is a great bloody fight and an excellent tribute to southern wrestling. Cody drops Dustin with the Cross Rhodes to win the match. My one criticism of this match would be Cody’s character work. He came to the ring to the adoration of the crowd and really played up to them. He then spent the match being a complete dick to his brother, busting him open, cheating, deliberately going after Dustin’s cut to make him bleed more. Then, after the match, he has a tearful hug with Dustin. It makes him look duplicitous, but as of yet there has been no payoff to that duplicity.
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) defended the AAA World Tag Team Championship against The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Zero and Rey Fenix. The Bucks are excellent at what they do but I can understand why they are polarizing. Their matches go a mile a minute and they can be desensitizing. This is fast with a lot of great spots, almost too many to list because the Bucks just have those kinds of matches. It was mentioned that this was the first match the Bucks had participated in in almost two months, so the fact that they work so fluidly with the Lucha Bros says something. The Bucks won a great match with the Meltzer Driver.
This was an excellent show and an obvious watershed moment in wrestling history. All three main events delivered in a big way and the undercard was solid.
Other matches on this show:
You can find the B-Show Stories archives here.
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DeFi: Why There is no Need to be Hasty

I have seen many posts across the Cardano community about how ETH’s DeFi rush will give ETH the first movers advantage in a winner take all DeFi ecosystem.
First, I know how anxious many of you feel. We see another project with a fervor of activity while IOG is still working behind semi-closed doors on Goguen. We all want Cardano to live up to its potential and its scary when it looks like another platform is racing ahead.
However, let us take some time to think of this from first principles and ask, “Why is DeFi a winner take all situation?” If you look at the tech ecosystem, platforms that are labeled “Winner take all” platforms are closed systems. Not every business that calls itself a platform, online or not, is not in a winner take all market. That said, winner take all really is a misnomer, even the strongest closed network tech companies with the strongest of feedback loops have competition.
  1. Facebook has TikTok and Snapchat
  2. Amazon has Wayfair while Target and Walmart online are catching up extremely fast
  3. Netflix has Hulu/Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Prime Video and CrunchyRoll
  4. Spotify has Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Google Music
In the finance space things generally are not winner take all because the system is interoperable (imagine what would happen to Bank of America tomorrow if it announced that it is no longer accepting deposits from other banks?). As an example, I can ACH money from Citibank to UBS, buy stock there, then transfer it with ACATS to Interactive Brokers.
Looking at the financial markets, there are so many different institutions, many of them extremely large.
  1. Banks: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Bank of New York Mellon are all massive institutions; and those are just the large bulge brackets, there are a ton more regional banks and smaller institutions),
  2. Brokerage houses: Charles Schwab, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade
  3. Asset Managers: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, PIMCO, Wellington Asset Management and JP Morgan Asset Management, all have more than $1 Trillion dollars in AUM
  4. Insurance Companies: MetLife, State Farm, Berkshire Hathaway, Progressive, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Chubb, USAA all write $10s of billions of dollars of premium a year
  5. Hedge Funds: Bridgewater, Citadel, AQR, Renaissance Technologies, DE Shaw, Elliot Management, Bracebridge, Panagora Asset Management all have $10s or $100+ of billions under management, and again those are just the big guys)
Seriously, just go look up how large these companies are. Those are the guys we are going for, not some fly-by-night DeFi script kiddy who lost $200mm dollars because they forgot to call the correct method in their smart contract.
Oh, and that list I included, those are only the large firms. I did not even touch upon the myriad of boutique and regional firms. I also haven't even gotten to any international firms yet, or mentioned other entities like the DTCC, prop-trading firms, family offices, private banks or sovereign wealth funds like GIC/Temasek and CIC with over a trillion dollars under management.
Also keep in mind that while DeFi might feel full of vitality and growth, what are people in the market really doing? What real world activity are people borrowing do to on crypto platforms? People are not borrowing on DeFi to start businesses, build homes or pay for school. They are borrowing to fund margin loans so they can leverage and maximize their yield. It is just a moderately sized casino*** with a cardboard sign duct-taped over that reads "Bank." The current total value locked in De-Fi is $9bn at most which is tiny. I have been at large asset management firms with single accounts with more money than that. Even if De-FI on ETH miraculously grows by 700x without any blowups, it will still be smaller than the AUM of the largest asset management firm by over $100bn.
Lastly, I think people underestimate the issues ETH has ahead of it. Read this medium post and this academic paper about priority gas auctions, DeX front running and transaction ordering dependence vulnerabilities [0, 1] and how this not only impacts users but affects the security properties of the consensus layer. Additionally, ETH 2.0 does little to fix the fee issue, for that they are working on EIP-1559 which is still contentious and will be hard to ship without on chain governance, which also isn't included in ETH 2.0 either. Even further still, ETH will need to do a difficult hard fork to implement these changes, while Cardano has HFC events which are operationally less complex and easier to execute. There are still so many kinks to work out. ETH isn’t the iPhone moment, ETH is pretty much the 10lb Motorola voice only cellphone (more like a blunt weapon) that costs the same as a pedigreed show dog.
TLDR; The market is still in its absolute infancy. The space we all can disrupt is massive. Fighting over the current market is like fighting over a parking space when you have the entire continental United States to explore. While the project can’t stagnate or rest on its laurels (which I don’t think is happening), it can take its time to be methodical to ensure that when the world financial markets are onboarded onto the blockchain that Cardano has the research, codebase, infrastructure and community to step up to the challenge and excel.
*** Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts each made more money in the last 12 months--even with COVID--than the TVL of DeFi assets on ETH. Yet, the icing on the cake is that the Macau gambling market is 4x the size of Vegas so even the gambling industry is much bigger than DeFi right now.
[1] (its long but all you need is the first 3-ish pages)
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ILPT: Easy $160 million

Following his release from prison, Danny Ocean violates his parole by traveling to California to meet his partner-in-crime and friend Rusty Ryan to propose a heist. The two go to Las Vegas to pitch the plan to wealthy friend and former casino owner Reuben Tishkoff. The plan consists of simultaneously robbing the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand casinos. Reuben's familiarity with casino security makes him very reluctant to get involved, but when he starts to think of it as a good way to get back at his rival, Terry Benedict, who owns all three casinos, he agrees to finance the operation. Because the casinos are required by the Nevada Gaming Commission to have enough cash on hand to cover all their patrons' bets, the three predict that on the upcoming night of a highly anticipated boxing match, the Bellagio vault will contain more than $150,000,000.
Danny and Rusty recruit eight former colleagues and criminal specialists: Linus Caldwell, a young and talented pickpocket; Frank Catton, a casino worker and con man; Virgil and Turk Malloy, a pair of gifted mechanics; Livingston Dell, an electronics and surveillance expert; Basher Tarr, an explosives expert; Saul Bloom, an elderly con man; and "The Amazing" Yen, an accomplished acrobat. Several team members carry out reconnaissance at the Bellagio to learn as much as possible about the security, the routines, the behaviors of the casino staff, and the building itself. Other members create a precise replica of the vault with which to practice maneuvering through its formidable security systems. During this planning phase, the team discovers that Danny's ex-wife, Tess, is Benedict's girlfriend. Rusty urges Danny to give up on the plan, believing Danny incapable of sound judgment while Tess is involved, but Danny refuses.
On the night of the fight, the plan is put into motion. Danny shows up at the Bellagio purposely to be seen by Benedict, who, as predicted, locks him in a storeroom with Bruiser, a bouncer. However, Bruiser is on Danny's payroll and allows him to access the vent system and join his team as they seize the vault, coincident with activities of their other team members in and around the casino. Rusty calls Benedict on a cell phone Danny dropped in Tess's coat earlier and tells him that unless he lets them have half of the money in the vault, they will blow it up; Benedict sees video footage confirming Rusty's claim. Benedict complies, having his bodyguards take the loaded duffel bags to a waiting van driven by remote control. Benedict has his men follow the van while he calls in a SWAT team to try to secure the vault. The SWAT team's arrival causes a shootout that sets off the explosives and incinerates the remaining cash. After affirming the premises otherwise secure, the SWAT team collects their gear and departs.
As Benedict arrives to examine the ruined vault himself, his men stop the van and find the bags were only loaded with flyers for prostitutes. Benedict studies the video footage and recognizes that the flooring in the vault on the video lacks the Bellagio logo, which had been added only recently to the vault. It is shown that Danny's team used their practice vault to create fake footage to fool Benedict. Furthermore, they themselves were the SWAT team and used their gear bags to take all of the money from the vault right under Benedict's nose. Benedict goes to see that Danny has seemingly been locked up in the storeroom throughout the heist and thus innocent of any crime. As Tess watches via CCTV, Danny tricks Benedict into saying he would give her up in exchange for the money. Benedict, unsatisfied with Danny's plan to get back the money, orders his men to escort Danny off the premises and inform the police that he is violating his parole by being in Las Vegas. Tess leaves Benedict and exits the hotel just in time to see Danny arrested. The rest of the team bask in the victory in front of the Fountains of the Bellagio, silently going their separate ways one-by-one. When Danny is released after serving time for his parole violation, he is met by Rusty and Tess. They drive off, closely followed by Benedict's bodyguards.
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DKNG - Fundamental DD Part II - DKNG

Not Financial Advice (NFA)
Warning: Wall of Text. If you hate reading just skim through the bolded/italicized
Ever since I publicized my findings on DKNG, the stock has underperformed & probably has fucked a lot of people here, especially given the overly bullish stance back in June. Unless you took my advice & got into Puts then, congrats, welcome to tendie town. For the ADHD retards, here’s what the next wall of text is going to summarize: I believe at the current price of ~$30, the stock is oversold.
A tech-focused, high-growth Company that has made sports betting easy to understand with an aesthetically pleasing interface similar to how Robinhood has neatly laid out stock market gimmicks so even high-schoolers can make sense of it I believe, is underpriced at these levels.
Let’s get into some details as to why the stock has underperformed:
First off, the news slate revolving sports with the rumored delay/cancellation of the MLB season & the NFL watching from the sidelines is in my view, just a part of why the stock has underperformed. We’ll revisit this later in this post, but I want to focus on the drivers of the stock’s recent underperformance, & why these factors are now in the rearview mirror.
Part I – The Past Has Passed – SPAC-related Equity Dilution
History lesson first: DKNG went public via a SPAC merger, which has exploded in popularity recently. Anyone serious about analyzing stocks going forward needs to do their homework on this, Google is your friend.
A feature of most SPAC merger to public listings that creates a headwind to near-term share prices are embedded equity dilution events, usually in the form of earn-outs (stock bonuses to execs, the SPAC sponsor) & conversion of Warrants.
On 5/24, the earn-outs were triggered, adding 6m shares to the share count.
On 6/26, 16.3m warrants converted to DKNG, netting them ~$188m of cash.
Stepping back a little, in addition to the above, on 6/18 DKNG launched a follow-on equity offering of 16M shares @ $40/Share [1], receiving $621M in proceeds.
The last part is tricky to understand from a dilution perspective. To simplify, historically it’s almost a coin toss whether a Company’s shares outperform on the onset of an equity offering. While issuing shares does dilute the existing shareholder base, it theoretically shouldn’t, if the proceeds from the offering are earmarked for investments/projects that yield outsized returns. This is the reality for the long term, theory for the short-term. For the short-term, the ‘reality’ isn’t that the proceeds will be used for investments/projects that yield outsized returns, it is more about how convincing management is to investors that the investments they intend to pursue with the proceeds will outweigh the dilutive effects of issuing incremental shares. That’s a mouthful, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to convey.
All of this stuff put together – the Company has increased its share count by ~39M, but now has a whopping ~$1.4Bn of cash [2]. More on this in the next section.
Part II – MLB News Should Not Fucking Matter & DKNG Is Positioned As the Leading Online/Mobile Sports Platform
DKNG should not be so tied to MLB news or any of this shit as the ongoing success of the NBA/NHL season + Soccer in Europe has effectively created a blueprint on how to regulate player behavior so that they maintain professionalism amidst the pandemic. I’m going out on a whim here, but I truly think the MLB threatening a cancellation of the season is pure posturing to get these fuckers to behave appropriately. Maybe a ‘bubble’ is what it takes to get these players to focus on their jobs instead of going out & contracting COVID, but I argue that isn’t necessarily required given Soccer in Europe. So there’s already a proven path here without the need for a bubble in Soccer, so MLB/NFL should be fine, and execs need to study how they got it done in Europe. Okay, back to some facts.
Anecdotally, I’ve kept in touch with a handful of sports bookies from California to New York & even internationally about what they’re seeing – all of them say that since the NBA season started on 7/30 & since Soccer (especially the Premier League) resumed in June, along with other leagues like La Liga & Serie A, they’ve seen massive increases in betting.
These numbers are also showing up in the official data [3]:
REMEMBER: This is for June only! No NBA, No NHL, No MLB, just Soccer, Golf, NASCAR & UFC.
The data clearly shows that there was a ton of pent-up sports betting demand, which leads one Wall St. analyst to think that betting on the NBA/NHL could ABSORB the MLB’s sports betting handle (handle = total $ size of sports bet) [5]. Remember, the MLB season is still ongoing, with games being played. The entire focus is on the Miami Marlins & St. Louis Cardinals. Fucking retards.
Additionally, I want to remind everyone that is the #1 Fantasy sports website in the U.S. [6]. Also, since April 2020 site visitations are up +86% [7] & Google Search Trends for “Draft Kings” is up ~3x compared to PRE-COVID levels [8]. What does this mean? They are piquing more people’s curiosity than prior to COVID/ongoing slate of sports.
This is important because remember that ~$1.4Bn chest full of cash I mentioned DKNG had assembled earlier? Well, that money is being put to work & results are already coming in, which is exactly what DKNG intended to do with it.
Part III – Legalization of Sports Betting in the U.S.
I could write a fucking bible on this topic alone, but for now we’ll stick to some basics. Due to COVID, it’s easy to understand that each State’s financial situation is clearly in shit. Because of this, you better believe that these guys are going to start taking a hard look at how they can extract additional tax revenues, & what’s one of the easiest ways to do this? Legalization & taxation of gambling.
The big players: CA, TX, FL & NY. First, CA pushing its legislation out to 2023 was fucked up, but here’s a twist I want to add to this: Anything that has to do with gambling in CA you better believe is lobbied against by not just the Tribal casino owners in CA, but by the deep pockets of Las Vegas money. Similar thing can be said for FL, but let’s take a look at some actions by LV/nationwide gambling companies that are starting to align financial incentives with guys like DKNG.
So it’s safe to say going forward, nationwide legalization of sports betting will reap rewards for everyone involved, & no longer be something LV money is completely focused on safeguarding.
Let’s also not forget that DKNG didn’t become the Company they are today because of their fancy app, but because their management team has a HISTORY of navigating the U.S.’s legal framework to get what they want out of it.
These guys are at the cutting edge of creating legal frameworks to successfully launch their products & now with more of their ‘competitors’ financially aligned with them, combined with financial deterioration of State budgets, we should see an overweighting of good news vs. bad on the legal front.
Final Part – Share Price Targets
Under-fucking priced at anything below $42.50
Near-term catalysts:
8/14: DKNG files 2Q’20 results, might be shitty, but you can bet that the Earnings Call is going to contain rhetoric on how massive the uptick in sports betting has been since late June/July.
Sometime from now until November: NY releases ‘study’ by Spectrum Gaming on online/mobile sports betting.
8/20 – 9/7: PGA Championship for FedEx Cup Title
9/5 – KY Derby
9/10: NFL KickOff Game
9/17: PGA U.S. Open Start Date
Month of October: NBA/NHL Playoffs
10/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in TN
11/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in VA
[2] Wall St. Research – DKNG on 6/29/20
[4]; Note: Nevada did not break out April/May figures but from the Revenue difference of 3 month ended June 30 of 4,950 vs. month of June of 2,297 for a total difference of 2,653 spread evenly over April/May for a base case April estimate of 1,327.
[5] Wall St. Research - 7/27/20
[8] Feb 23-29, 2020 vs. Current Aug 2 – Aug 8, 2020
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DKNG - Fundamental DD Inside - DKNG

This is an example of fundamental DD that takes place at ‘smart’ money institutions based on my professional experience in IBD, Private Equity & most recently at a HF (mods can message me for proof). Not thoroughly fleshed out b/c you autists have limited attention spans, but a summary. Figured I’d take the time to give back to this community that has provided many lolz, & should be a good measuring stick when evaluating other forms of fundamental DD posted here.
DKNG - DraftKings, Inc.: vertically integrated US mobile betting operator that also provides retail sports betting & back-end betting solutions through SBTech. Think of SBTech as the tech ‘market-maker’ for traditional sports betting, they do all the funny math to set the betting odds & seem to be working on back-end solutions for DKNG Casino
The Big Picture
Only ~2% of the ~$90Bn gambling revenues were placed online which is the lowest in the world where betting online is legal. For example, in other countries online gaming activity represents ~6% - ~52% of total gambling revenues, with ~12% being the average.
Wall Street expects online gaming revenue to be $20Bn-$40Bn within the next 10 years. For this to be achieved, the online gambling market will have to achieve a ~30% penetration rate on total country gaming revenues. There is an expectation that this is could be easily achievable given penetration trends overseas - see page 11 of this:
Other catalysts include increasing adaptation of sports betting in more states. States that have both legal sports betting + online sports betting permitted: NV, NJ, WV, PA, IA. Sports betting permitted but no online: DE, MS, RI, MO, AR. Prior to COVID there was ongoing discussions across many States, especially ones with growing deficits to explore how permitting sports betting could create a fresh avenue of tax dollars. Post COVID there is an expectation that these discussions will be given extra focus as many States will be hungry for incremental tax dollars. Important to note that currently 43/50 States allow DFS, but given the small share DFS has on total Gaming Revenues, it increasingly looks like DKNG is banking on traditional sports betting for a variety of reasons, more later. There are entire articles on Google arguing this catalyst so I’ll end this here.
Digging Deeper
DKNG’s main offerings are Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) products & traditional sports book products to its clients. Long story short, a metric to look for in my opinion (that is curiously not reported by management or remarked on) is the hold % in traditional gaming sector parlance or the ‘rake’ & compare it to the ‘traditional’ gaming products like sports betting & Blackjack.
For DFS: DKNG takes ~15% of the prize pool (note: used to be ~6-11% [2]). Curiously, their main competitor FanDuel also has moved up to a ~15% rake recently. Google searches show the smaller competitors have a rake in the ~13% range.
This ‘rake’ has grown ~2x in 6 years, but it has been a delicate move on behalf of management. Why? B/c the more ‘sophisticated’ DFS players (equal to autistic day traders on Robinhood) have noted this increase & based on some Googling, some have moved down market to the smaller players. As a side note, many live casino games have their rules altered to grow the Hold %. For example, Blackjack games with 6:5 payouts on 21 have materially higher Hold % than the traditional BJ rules that pay out 3:2. Given the findings so far, DKNG may not have much room to materially increase its hold % in DFS games in the near-term from current of 15%. More on this later.
Now why the fuck is this important? This is important b/c the typical sports book (ex-Parlays) have a ~5% hold %/rake. Parlays have up to a ~30% hold (which is why it’s commonly known as the sucker’s bet), & just for reference, the average Blackjack table clocks in 14.5%. What this means: Every dollar put into these games, the “House” or DKNG, will take 15% of your money for DFS games, for sports bets they will be pocketing ~5%, up to ~30% if you’re into parlays, & we’ll just use the standard 14.5% BJ hold for the DraftKings Casino platform.
So why the acquisition of SBTech & a foray into the traditional sports gambling market? As you can see previously, the illegal sports betting market is >30x the size of the current daily fantasy sports market. So it’s clear that the DFS providers including DKNG are foraying into the space to capture this user base & hopefully convert them into games that have a higher hold %, such as DFS/DKNG Casino.
As of May 2020, DKNG has achieved a 30% penetration rate on its ~4mm ‘monetized’ DFS clientele to its Online Sports Book (OSB), from the OSB+DFS clientele, DKNG has converted 50% into its DraftKings Casino platform.
Including non-monetized users, user base totals at 12mm. Based on these unit economics: every 1mm of additional users -> 333k monetized users for DFS -> 100k users for OSB -> 50k users for DraftKings Casino.
Some Numbers – Italicized/Bolded the important
Numbers that represent Risks to Long Thesis
Things to look for when going Long
- Progress of additional States legalizing sports betting – specifically, States with DFS already legalized
- Cost structure evolving to a more fixed mix vs. the mostly variable mix currently as this will be the forward figure that determines profitability
- Increasing User Base (Curr.: 12mm) -> Monetized Base (Curr.: 4mm) -> MUP (1Q’20: 0.7mm)
Share Price Target
Given the cost structure of the company, I’m going to base the price targets around Enterprise Value / Revenues (driven by MUPs & ARPUs).
Bear Case MUP: 5mm -> $20.32 - $45.73
Base Case MUP: 5.5mm -> $22.27 - $50.10
Bull Case MUP: 6mm -> $24.21 - $54.47
These MUPs imply a monetized customer base of 28mm – 33mm. At the high-end, this implies that DKNG monetized customer base will equal MGM’s current total user base.
At yesterday’s close of $43.70, DKNG is trading at 3.5x – 4.5x forward Revenues on an expected >5,000 MUPs.
Share Price drivers / considerations:
- Continued multiple expansion
- MUP Growth exceeding beyond targets
Management Team
Jason Robins, 39 – Co-Founder & CEO. Duke BA, started DraftKings from day 1 in 2011. The 2 other buddies he started the Company with are still at DKNG. Dude navigated the Company through the scandal that rocked them in ’15 & ’16, and was the trailblazer in getting DFS labeled as a non-gambling product that enabled it to open in States without a gaming designation. This shit is the stuff that gets people in history books. His accomplishments make him seem like a very competent guy. Has 3 kids now, and only ~3% economic ownership in DKNG but has 90% of the voting power through his Class B share ownership. Also he actively participates in venture investments, sitting on 10 boards.
His comp plan performance bonus target is pretty murky, but main drivers are EPS growth, revenue growth, then a bunch of margin & return metrics, along with share price returns. Overall, very open-ended & it’s safe to say as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, he will be eligible for his max payouts year over year. I’m assuming the lawyers tried to encompass everything possible for maximum flexibility to justify him earning his max comp as long as DKNG is still around.
Since he’s got voting control of 90%, I’ll end the specific-person overview here, but want to note that they have a very bloated C-suite. 12 folks at DKNG, 8 folks at SBTech, all with C-suite designations. Whereas their main competitor FanDuel, has 3 guys with a C-suite designations & 1 EVP, but is a sub under a larger ParentCo that has its own management team of ~5 guys.
Looking through glassdoor you can see the biggest complaint among employees giving bad reviews is based on management, all of the specific issues they point out IMO are a result of a top-heavy company. Seems like a good starting point to optimize their cost structure, but given Robins' history of sticking this entire thing through with his co-founders since '11 stuff like this doesn't seem to be a part of his playbook. They’re a public company now though, so it’s going to be interesting to see going forward.
If I were to initiate a position in DKNG, the stock would have to fall to the $35-$37 range for me to be a buyer of the stock, and based on this rough intro analysis I'll be considering Put options if it breaches $50. I would not touch Calls at this level.

[1] Wall Street Research - 6/27/19
[4] Wall Street Research - 5/19/20
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America's Next Top Model Winner Endorses Dermefface FX7

America's Next Top Model Winner Endorses Dermefface FX7

TV and mid-sized companies make strange bedfellows for the simple reason that the latter rarely have large marketing budgets. But quality products will always move if they do what they claim. And sometimes, you never know who you're helping.
That was the case in early 2013 when the makers of Dermefface FX7 learned they had a high-profile client who'd used the product to help get rid of a very prominent scar she'd developed after a fall. The client? Lisa D'Amato. And her claim to fame? None other than America's Next Top Model.

Who is Lisa D'Amato?

Lisa D'Amato is an American model and recording artist. She's known primarily for her time on America's Next Top Model, appearing on the 5th cycle, where she placed sixth. Yet she remained a fan favorite for her bold style and daring outfits that landed her a second shot at the title, on America's Next Top Model All-Stars, which she won in 2011.
D'Amato's personality on America's Next Top Model contributed to much of the show's success, earning her the title '10th Biggest Villain in Reality TV' by TV Guide.
Her career blossomed, with modeling work for high profile clients like Guess and Barney's New York. She continued her TV appearances as well, appearing on MTV Cribs and The Oxygen Network, among others. But her world crashed down, literally, in December 2012 when a freak accident left her with a huge facial scar that could have ended her modeling career.

Why She Chose Dermefface FX7

The injury caused her more than just physical pain. D'Amato was one of the most recognizable faces in fashion at the time, having won America's Next Top Model and with her extensive modeling career. The developing scar occurred on the worst place for any model, her face, which affected her job, but more importantly, her confidence. And how she felt about herself and what she brought to the world.
So she looked for solutions. Seeing her plight, her husband joined her as they researched dozens of scar removal gels. Her criteria: something that worked quickly, that didn't inflame her skin, cause acne, but most of all, one that reduced scarring, visibly, for her career and self-esteem.
She tried several scar removal gels, with mixed results. Frustrated, she and her husband found Dermefface FX7 and decided to try it. Five months later, she was glad that she did - her scarring had faded, with visible results in just two weeks. Now her scar is barely noticeable and she's smiling again.

Lisa D'Amato, ANTM Winner, Endorses Dermefface FX7

Remarkable things happen when scars fade. For Lisa D'Amato, that meant she could model again. She's also transitioning to a career in music, with an emphasis on electro-rap and hip hop. She's now performed at several prominent venues, among them the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, The Viper Room, Fubar Hollywood and Coachella in Palm Springs.
Hearing her story, and how it helped her get her groove back, the makers of Dermefface FX7 approached Lisa D'Amato and asked if they could share her story. Many people have scars, after all, and perhaps they, like D'Amato, want to get rid of them, quickly, and once again feel good about the skin they're blessed with.
Feeling there was a mutually beneficial relationship in the making, Skinception asked Lisa D'Amato to endorse Dermefface FX7. To everyone's delight, she said yes.
Lisa's story is just one of hundreds of thousands who use Dermefface FX7 each year and make scars vanish, and we couldn't be happier. It's a lot easier to smile when you're not worried about people staring at your skin. Dermefface FX7 helped an America's Next Top Model winner reduce a scar. Perhaps now it might to the same for you.
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15 Most Famous Slot Machines and Most Popular Slot Games

1. Liberty Bell

Invented and designed by a San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey in 1895, the Liberty Bell is the first slot machine. The main symbols here include horseshoes, stars, spades, diamonds, hearts, and Liberty Bells. Once three bells are aligned, the machine pays 50 cents.
Having a coin slot at the top, it features small reels in the middle and a paytable at the bottom. It works like this - players insert a Nickel and pull a lever on the right-hand side to spin the reels. Although the Operator Bell and Liberty Bell have been removed from casinos, the original Liberty Bell on display can be seen in the Liberty Belle saloon in Reno, Nevada.

2. Lion's Share

One of the most famous slot machines, Microgaming’s classic slot Lion's Share, gained a lot of success back in 2014, due to news channels that discussed the topic on how Lion's Share's progressive jackpot hasn’t been hit for two decades. Thousands of people have tried but no one was lucky enough to pull it off.
Although the machine only featured 3 reels and only 1 payline, Lion’s Share has managed to become one of the most popular releases in Vegas, so popular that people waited in line just to put a coin into it and try spinning those reels.
Eventually, a New Hampshire couple hit the $2.4 million progressive jackpot in MGM’s Grand’s Lion’s Share. Soon after, MGM Grand made a decision to retire the Lion's Share machine since it required a lot of maintenance. Still, the game became part of slot history with a jackpot that took 20 years to win.

3. Megabucks

Created by IGT, Megabucks has managed to become one of the world's best progressive slot machines. The game is also responsible for numerous big wins throughout the entire jackpots’ history. Also known as the biggest money jackpots of all time, Megabucks slot machines are described as simple games with a massive progressive jackpot. One of the biggest wins was when an anonymous engineer won a staggering $39.7 million at Las Vegas' Excalibur, back in 2003.
As for the other big wins hit on this machine, there was a cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan who snagged an incredible $34.9 million at Vegas' Desert Inn, as well as a retired flight attendant hitting $27.5 million at Vegas' Palace Statio­n. J­ohanna Huendl won $22.6 million whereas an Illinois businessman hit $21.3 million on the very first spin.
However, after winning the prize, one of the winner's family members had a tragic accident, which (as some believe) only supported the theory of a Megabucks curse. Other unfortunate stories are just believed to be urban legends, including anecdotes about underage players, as well as casino employees, being big winners but not being able to claim their jackpots because of specific state laws and regulation.

4. Wheel of Fortune

IGT’s Wheel of Fortune has proven to be the second most famous slot machine of all time. Featuring a bonus feature just like the real show, the slot machine is usually played by many slot fans and can be found in numerous casinos all over the globe. Although the game comes in more variations, probably the most popular one is still its 3-reel version, with a colourful wheel at the top.
The Wheel of Fortune multiplayer game features a bank of machines where every player gets their own screen. What makes the game even more exciting is the multiplayer edition where people can play the bonus round together, which really intensifies the game show aspect.
In a 5-reel Wheel of Fortune slot, however, Wild symbols will help players land winning combos and, if you’re lucky enough, you may get a Super Wild that will boost your win up to 5x! Last but not least, the Triple Action Bonus is activated by getting at least 3 Triple Action Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. But still, none of the newer Wheel of Fortune slots measure up to the original one because of the large progressive jackpot involved.

5. Mega Fortune

Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot became very popular among players as it usually grows into a multimillion-euro amount before being hit. The main symbols here include luxury cars, yachts, and expensive jewellery, Mega Fortune is an online slot machine game which justifies its theme that comes with the largest ever online slot jackpots.
The game offers a few different features that make the entire gameplay more fascinating, however, by far the most interesting ones are the 3 different progressive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot. There are counters for all 3 of these that are displayed above the reels. Champagne is the Scatter and if you land at least 3 of them simultaneously, you will trigger Free Spins bonus round. Likewise, Wheel of Luck is the Bonus symbol, and if you land 3 or more symbols in succession from left to right on an active payline, you will activate the Bonus game.
What’s interesting about this slot is the fact that a Finnish man won a huge jackpot worth €17.8 million while spinning the reels of Mega Fortune. This record from 2013, has been passed by Mega Moolah, but the game is still proof how rich players can get after playing Mega Fortune.

6. Mega Moolah

Powered by Microgaming and being among most popular slot games, Mega Moolah is a 25-payline progressive slot which has served as a competitor to Mega Fortune's big jackpots. Followed by African safari music, the game features antelopes, elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys and zebras as the main symbols.
Landing at least 3 Scatters at the same time will trigger 15 Free Spins. What’s more, all wins hit during Free Spins are tripled, whereas Free Spins can also be retriggered. Players can win one of the 4 Progressive Jackpots within the randomly triggered Bonus round.
The game paid some of the largest slot machine jackpots that have ever been triggered. In 2015,for example, Mega Moolah gained international recognition when a British soldier Jon Heywood won a massive €17,879,645.

7. Cleopatra

Inspired by the famous Egyptian theme and Developed by IGT, Cleopatra is a 20-payline classic game that managed to stand out above similar releases. Featuring ancient Egyptian music, the main symbols here include Cleopatra, the Eye of Horus, scarabs, and pyramids. Landing at least 3 Sphinx symbols will trigger the Cleopatra Bonus, which awards 15 Free Spins. All prizes, except for the 5 Cleopatra symbols, are tripled in the Free Spins round.
The game has been so successful that it inspired its creators to make a sequel, Cleopatra II, with richer graphics and engaging sound effects. But even if you choose the original game, you'll be playing a classic that's still enjoyed by various players today. And, in case you land 5 Cleopatra symbols you’ll get a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

8. Book of Ra

Having a popular Ancient-Egypt theme, Book of Ra has always been one of the best choices to play in land based and online casinos. Powered by Novomatic, Book of Ra is a 9 payline video slot that offers plenty of bonus features and big payouts. With entertaining narrative and energising gameplay, there are numerous ways to win here.
In case you land 5 archaeologists simultaneously, you’ll get an impressive 5,000x your line bet. Earning big bucks, however, comes from the Free Spins feature. What players need to do is land at least 3 Scatter books to trigger the Free Spins feature. Pages of the book will flip and randomly determine which symbol will expand during the 10 Free Spins.
Although hitting the jackpot may not be easy, with only a few one in between, when big wins come, they can be big.

9. Starburst

There’s no denying NetEnt’s Starburst slot became kinda legendary in the iGaming universe. With its dark background and shiny space looking gemstones, Starburst slot features 5 reels and 10 paylines. The well-known futuristic music in this release is also easily noticeable, as is the game’s expanding Wild.
More precisely, the Wilds may only occur on the reels 2, 3 and 4, and, once 1 or more wilds appear on those reels, the Starburst Wild feature will be activated. During this feature, Starburst wilds expand to cover the entire reel and remain while the other reels re-spin. Should a new wild land during a re-spin, it expands and stays along with any previously expanded Starbursts for another re-spin.
Another cool feature is that Starburst pays both ways, instead of only paying you for landing at least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels starting with the reel furthest to the left. The maximum single spin payout for a person (betting the $200 maximum) is $100,000. But, in order for that to happen, you must land five bars on consecutive reels on an active payline. Players love this slot, probably because it’s suitable for both newbies and experienced players.

10. Immortal Romance

Powered by Microgaming, Immortal Romance is based on sci-fi and the cult of Vampires which has become one of the popular casino slot machines in the last couple of years. Apart from superb graphics and great audio and visual effects, the slot features 5 reels and 243 paylines, and the theoretical RTP rate of 96.86%. The four main characters are Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah.
When it comes to features and bonus games, Immortal Romance offers different variants. Wild Desire feature can occur randomly, and as soon as it does, it can turn 1 to 5 reels completely Wild. Likewise, landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels in this game, activates the Chamber of Spins feature which cannot be triggered during Wild Desire.
The game is still among the most popular slots, as many players still try their luck in this slot in the hope to get the highest multiplier possible.

11. Gonzo’s Quest

Beautifully designed video slot powered by NetEnt, Gonzo Quest features 5 reels and 20 paylines. The story is based on the famous conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro who is on his way to the Peruvian ruins and just about to experience the unique quest.
Now, Gonzo’s Quest has become one of the most popular slot games of all time, probably because it comes with a few interesting features, Avalanche Multipliers feature being the most interesting one of all. In Essence, the reels in the slot move in a cascading manner which resemble an Avalanche. As you activate each new Avalanche, you will win a multiplier. Multipliers are displayed above the reels, and go up to 5x, that is if you land 4 or more avalanches simultaneously.

12. Age of the Gods

Being among famous slot machines and inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, Age of the Gods is a 5-reel, 20-payline progressive slot powered by Playtech. The main characters are Athena, Zeus, Hercules, and Poseidon power up 4 free game modes that offer extra wilds and win multipliers! Once you start spinning, you’ll come across a series of bonus features, such as Athena Free Games, Zeus Free Games, Poseidon Free Games and Hercules Free Games.
Wild logo is the game’s wild card and it substitutes for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter. Landing at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels simultaneously triggers the Bonus game. Moreover, landing 5 God symbols in any order on an active payline will get you 200x your line bet!
During the main game, any spin can activate the Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot. This mini game guarantees a win of up to 4 progressive jackpots. All you gotta do is click on the coins to reveal jackpot symbols, and if you match 3 identical ones, you will win that jackpot.

13. Money Honey

Having a cute theme, Money Honey is a 5-reel and a 243 payline slot themed around honey. With Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters and multipliers, it is a fast-paced exciting creation featuring vibrant colours. Likewise, it is a mobile-optimized slot which may be an excellent choice if you’re new to online gambling or if you’ve been playing for years.
Just like in other games, Wilds will help you win payouts as they are able to replicate most other symbols on the reels once a winning combination has been made. Another symbol you may want to keep your eyes on is a Money Wheel card. Once you manage to land at least 3 of them on your reels after a spin, the bonus game begins, and you spin a big wheel to choose a prize.

14. Quick Hit

And our selection wouldn’t be complete without Bally's Quick Hit slot. Featuring traditional Las Vegas symbols with sharp graphics and relaxed music, the video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Once you decide how many paylines you want to bet on, your gaming adventure can begin. There are Scatters symbols and three bonus games to benefit from.
The biggest payout here comes from landing the triple seven symbol. Should you land 5 of these lucky numbers on the reels at the same time, you will win 5,000 coins, whereas if you land five wild symbols, you’ll get 12,500 coins.
Those looking for hitting a jackpot should pay attention to Quick Hit Platinum symbols as 5 of these contribute to 5,000x players’ original bet amount – and even more, with the max bet activated. The second-highest jackpot can be hit by landing 9 Quick Hit Slot symbols. Both the Quick Hit Platinum and regular Quick Hit symbols must occur on or within one position of the first payline to be eligible for a jackpot win.

15. SlotZilla Zip Line

And now something completely different. We’re finishing our selection of famous slots in style, with the world’s largest slot machine - StotZilla Zip Line - 128 feet tall which has two take-off levels. This $12 million SlotZilla zip line took more than a year to build and opened its doors in 2014 and has already had more than 2 million riders so far.
The 11-story slot machine is decorated with over-sized dice, a glass of martini, a pink flamingo, video reels, coins, and two showgirls - Jennifer and Porsha. SlotZilla offers two different rider experiences - the upper Zoomline and a lower Zipline. This unique machine has a huge video screen with reels and a gigantic arm, replicating a true slot machine experience.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jan. 28, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUSLY: The Complete Wrestling Observer Rewind 1991-2001
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002
  • NJPW was thrown into chaos this week when Keiji Muto, Satoshi Kojima, and IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Kendo Kashin all abruptly quit the company, along with 5 of NJPW's front office employees, and are headed to AJPW. Needless to say, this immediately killed the working relationship between the two companies and NJPW is already attempting to forge a new partnership with NOAH. There's also said to be a significant power struggle within NJPW right now behind the scenes that will likely be straightened out whenever Inoki returns to Japan (he's in Los Angeles right now). Tatsumi Fujinami is NJPW president but in the wake of losing these big stars, and the disappointing TV ratings for the Jan. 4th show, it's rumored his days may be numbered. There's rumors that Inoki may take over the role for the first time since he was forced out of the position back in 1983 (long story, bunch of financial scandals, Google is your friend here). Muto is currently half of the IWGP tag team champions and they were scheduled to defend the titles next month and he volunteered to still work the show, but NJPW wasn't having that so that won't be happening now and the titles will instead be vacated, along with the Jr. title Kashin held. And of course, the IWGP title is also currently vacant due to Fujita's injury, so all of NJPW's top titles are vacant right now (the only other active title is the Jr. tag belts, held by Gedo and Jado).
  • Lots of rumors floating around about how this happened, but the gist appears to be that Hiroshi Hase was the architect (no Seth) behind this whole thing. Reportedly, Muto (and maybe some of the other people who left) may be purchasing a stake of AJPW from Motoko Baba so he'll have some ownership say. The long-term idea is that Mrs. Baba will step down in a few years and Muto, who by then should be ready to retire (lol) will take over the role as AJPW president. Of course, that was the original plan for Misawa after Giant Baba died, but he and Motoko Baba couldn't get along and Misawa eventually left and formed NOAH instead. It's also worth noting that Kashin in particular wasn't thrilled about doing shoot fights while working in NJPW, but felt pressured to by Inoki and he reportedly wanted out of the company even if the AJPW thing hadn't been an option. As for Kojima, he and Tenzan have been the best tag team pro wrestling has seen in years and from an in-ring perspective, may have been the best pure worker in NJPW so his loss is going to hurt a lot too. The office workers who left are mostly accounting and merchandising people who will be doing the same jobs for AJPW.
  • One bummer of a note here is that, before this, Muto had talked of putting together a dream match against Misawa. But as long as Motoko Baba is breathing air, an AJPW star isn't going to work with Misawa, so that's probably a dead issue (yeah, sadly we never did get that match).
  • One final note: Muto also tried to recruit NJPW rising star Hiroshi Tanahashi, who most believe has the most potential of anyone in the entire company, to jump ship with him but Tanahashi decided to stay (oh man, can you imagine how different things would be if he had gone).
  • On Raw this week, Vince McMahon teased the impending arrival of Hall, Nash, and Hogan, saying he's going to do something soon that even he will regret. Vince has reportedly caved on most of Nash's demands, including the reduced schedule. Hall will be making less money than Nash and will be given an even lighter schedule, because he's a single parent with custody of his children (and Dave questions how fucked up Dana Hall must be if SCOTT is the one who has custody). And of course, you gotta figure Hogan ain't working a full schedule, since he hasn't done that in a decade and probably ain't gonna start now. Of course, this puts WWF in the same position WCW was in a few years ago: having all the top stars working TV and not appearing on house shows, which is something WWF used to openly mock WCW for. Now they'll be doing the same thing, with the same guys. It's something that killed WCW's house show business long before the TV ratings started going down. There's also the issue of how they'll get along backstage, since many of the agents (Dave says Gerald Brisco in particular) were very vocally against bringing these guys back. And then there's John Laurinaitis, who has a lot of power backstage now and he and Nash used to butt heads constantly in WCW. So things are gonna be interesting.
  • In a bit of a surprise, Vince has also agreed to let them use the NWO name and gimmick, and that reveal was made later in the week on Smackdown when Vince talked about killing the WWF with the help of the NWO. As of now, there's no plans for Triple H to join the group. X-Pac will probably find his way into it, given his relationship and history with the group. Nash is reportedly pushing for Shawn Michaels to be involved, but Dave has heard that's unlikely because there's still some fences that need to be mended there between Shawn and some in the company. But then again, Nash has gotten his way on everything else he's asked Vince for so far, so who knows? Anyway, Hall and Nash have officially signed, but Hogan still hasn't finalized his deal as of press time, but the office has been told it's inevitable and to start making plans as if he's signed. It's expected all 3 men will probably debut at the No Way Out PPV next month.
WATCH: Vince McMahon announces the arrival of the NWO
  • The Royal Rumble is in the books and was a huge success. Critically, it was an excellent show, nothing MOTY-worthy or anything, but nothing bad at all and was a legit sellout. Coming out of the show, it appears Chris Jericho will be defending the WWF title against Triple H at Wrestlemania, though that can still change. Triple H winning the Rumble was expected but made the most sense. The Rumble match lasted just over 69 minutes (nice), surpassing the 1993 Rumble and, as far as Dave is aware, making it the longest mach in WWF history (a famous Pedro Morales vs. Bruno Sammartino match in 1972 was reported in all the newspapers as lasting 75 minutes, but it was actually only 65 so don't come at Dave with no "well actually..." bullshit)
  • The return of Mr. Perfect and him being put over like a major star (he lasted until the final 4) proves that WWF has no intention of letting any other competitor get off the ground and will nip that in the bud before it ever happens. Hennig has been available for more that a year (WCW released him before they folded) and WWF never seemed interested, but as soon as XWF came along and made him their featured star (with plans to make him the face of the company), suddenly WWF swooped him up. Hennig's appearance was meant to be a one-off but it was known they were likely going to offer him a deal if he was impressive, and they have. It may not be a huge get for WWF, but it's a massive loss for XWF and pretty much renders their entire first set of TV tapings meaningless now, and Dave says that was precisely the point. Vince left the door open for competition once before and it nearly killed him. He won't make that mistake again (not until 2019 anyway). Dave says to let this be a lesson to any new promotion trying to start up: make sure you have people signed.
  • Other notes from Royal Rumble: Goldust, who was also a one-off for the match, is expected to sign a full-time deal as well. FlaiVince street fight was way better than it had any right to be considering it was between two guys over 50, one of whom isn't even a trained wrestler and the other hasn't wrestled in nearly a year since the final Nitro. Jericho retained the title over Rock in an excellent match and Dave notes that no one in the history of wrestling with the kind of main event star power Rock possesses has ever done as many jobs as him. Maven dropkicking Undertaker out of the Rumble match was the biggest pop of the entire show. But then Undertaker spent the next several minutes beating poor Maven nearly to death, lest anyone think Undertaker was actually trying to get this kid over or anything. Overall, Dave thinks it was the best Rumble match in several years.
WATCH: Maven eliminates Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble
  • The tradition of Memphis wrestling on WMC-TV has been revived! Sorta. The show, dating back to the 70s, has been off the air since last spring when the TV station refused to allow them to tape shows in their studio anymore. For the next few months, they aired a bunch of "Best of" shows but those eventually stopped in December and they've been airing infomercials in that time slot ever since. But this week, a show featuring Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher in the main event, taped at a nearby casino in Tunica, MS aired on the channel in the usual Saturday morning time slot. Dave says the production quality was garbage and there was no local publicity for it, so it probably did a terrible rating, but it's something (pretty much just one last dying gasp, this doesn't lead to anything).
  • Carlos Colon said he's going to cut back on being an active wrestler because he wants to spend more time with his kids. Dave points out that most of his kids are wrestlers in his company, so maybe he's actually trying to get away from them.
  • NJPW star Minoru Tanaka announced his engagement to former women's wrestler Yumi Fukawa, who retired last year (did some research and they're still married to this day. Tanaka still wrestles in NOAH and Fukawa is an actress in Japan).
  • Atsushi Onita, who has been issuing grandstand challenges to Antonio Inoki for months with no response, has now challenged Naoya Ogawa for a match and wants it to be a benefit show in Afghanistan for the kids there. Dave says don't hold your breath for that one either. Onita says if he beats Ogawa, he wants the match with Inoki. Again, none of this is happening, just Onita trying to work his own angle. Neither Inoki nor Ogawa want anything to do with him.
  • Goldberg participated in a charity golf tournament this week and while there, he made some comments about going to the WWF. "I personally believe that everything I've stood for when I got into the ring would be compromised and succumbed to the circus-like atmosphere that's out there, and that's putting it mildly. I would be an imbecile if I gave up half my money to work for a company I didn't respect." Dave wonders if his tune will change when that WCW contract money dries up (yup). Also, at the same tournament, they did a funny little angle with Goldberg throwing his caddie into a lake.
WATCH: Goldberg torpedoes his caddie into the lake
  • Superstar Billy Graham has reportedly lost nearly 60 pounds in just 3 weeks, most of it water weight due to edema he's suffering from and all the other liver issues he's currently dealing with.
  • Bruno Sammartino did an interview talking about the role he has in a new low-budget movie called Saloonatics where he plays a mob guy with cancer. Sammartino talked about how uncomfortable he was with all the profanity his character had to say but he eventually got more comfortable with it and was able to put aside his personal feelings and eventually was okay with it. (No idea where the full movie is, but here's a trailer and yeah this shit is LOOOOOOOW budget).
WATCH: Saloonatics trailer
  • Former WCW announcer Mark Madden is in some controversy in Pittsburgh, where he hosts a daily sports talk show on the local ESPN radio station there. A few weeks back, the sports media in the city was swirling with rumors about NFL star Kordell Stewart's sexuality. Madden went on his radio show and criticized people who were spreading those rumors. A writer who works at the radio station then went on the air and accused Madden of being one of the main people who fueled those rumors and claimed Madden had said things in the past on his show implying that Stewart is gay. Madden denied ever saying that, demanded the guy find the tapes to prove he ever said it, and basically felt like the guy ambushed him live on the air with the accusations. The radio station apparently agreed because the writer was fired when he refused to apologize (for what it's worth, several people have made accusations about Stewart being gay over the years and he's always denied them, and even successfully sued someone a few years ago for claiming he had a relationship with him. Who knows and who cares? Not anybody's business anyway).
  • Jake Roberts was on a radio talk show in England recently and said some interesting stuff. Said he plans to stay in the UK for the next 2 years. Said he could walk back into the WWF and have a writing job tomorrow if he wanted it. Dave scoffs at that and says I guess he prefers wrestling in front of empty indie show crowds in England instead of earning a steady paycheck. Jake also talked about the scene in Beyond The Mat where the movie alleges that Roberts asked an indie promoter for crack cocaine as his payoff for working the show. Roberts denied it happened and said he doesn't trust a promoter with anything, so he wouldn't trust one to get him crack. Well okay then. Claimed he left the WWF last time because he wasn't comfortable with the angle he was doing with Jerry Lawler, feeling like they were exploiting his sobriety. Dave pretty much rolls his eyes at all this, because Jake was actually fired for going on a bender and no-showing a bunch of events (I'm glad we all love Jake now, but he was still 1000% full of shit and off the deep end during this period).
  • Iron Shiek missed an appearance on the Opie & Anthony radio show this week because he was detained for several hours at the airport. Turns out he wore his curly toed wrestling boots on the plane and because this is 4 months after 9/11 and only 1 month after the attempted shoe-bomber, and let's be honest, simply because Iron Shiek is Middle Eastern, people freaked out. And when they wanted to examine his boots, he initially refused to let them and, well, you can imagine how well that went over with airport security.
  • If WWA's PPV in Las Vegas happens next month, Bret Hart has agreed to reprise his role as the on-screen commissioner. As best Dave can tell, no one else has really been signed on for the show and the MGM Grand doesn't know anything about this alleged plan to hold the event in their arena and in fact, WWA hasn't even applied with the Nevada commission to get a license to run a show anywhere in the state and it's almost certainly too late to get one by the scheduled date. So Dave is skeptical that this even happens, and if it does, he can't see it being in Las Vegas. (Surprisingly, it does happen and it is in Vegas, but we'll get there.)
  • Speaking of the Nevada athletic commission, XWF brought a bunch of wrestlers and a wrestling ring to the National Association of Television Program Executives conference in Vegas, with hopes of putting on a live show and impressing all the TV execs and trying to secure a TV deal. But the XWF didn't get permission from the Nevada commission, so they weren't allowed to use the ring and do a show. Whoops.
  • Speaking of XWF, morale is in the dumps in that company right now. Losing both Hulk Hogan and Curt Hennig (neither of whom were signed but had been working with them) as well as Sting reportedly not being interested has killed a lot of the excitement about the promotion for people within it.
  • Notes from Raw: Flair cut an emotional promo about his history in wrestling and how he was on the road so much and put wrestling ahead of his family and not seeing his kids and all that stuff. During the promo, Lawler made a sarcastic joke about Flair needing to have his priorities in order, which Dave thinks is pretty rich coming from Lawler, who lived the exact same life and wasn't much of a father to his kids either (which Lawler has admitted, to be fair). They're continuing to tease a Triple H/Stephanie split, with him being annoyed at her nagging. Speaking of Triple H, Dave thinks he needs to lose at least 15 pounds because he's totally slow and lumbering since he came back.
  • Notes from Smackdown: AJ Styles worked a dark match, losing to Rico Constantino, but apparently he looked awesome in the match (yeah he hits an awesome shooting star to the floor late in the match). And the show ended with McMahon doing the big NWO reveal on the back of his chair during his promo.
WATCH: AJ Styles vs. Rico Constantino dark match - 2002
  • Regarding Triple H's match on Smackdown last week, where they gave away his return match on free TV 3 days before the Rumble. Remember how Dave was flabbergasted that they would be so short-sighted? Turns out Triple H felt the same way and fought hard against it, but Vince wouldn't budge.
  • Chris Benoit is telling people he expects to be back in the ring around June (yup).
  • Jim Ross answered some questions at a press thing last week and had lots of interesting stuff to say. He said the criticism WWF was receiving for bringing in Hall, Nash, and Hogan hurts, but they have to do what's best for the company and Vince feels this is it. Doesn't sound like JR loves the idea too much either. They've had no talks with Scott Steiner. When told of Goldberg's recent comments (mentioned above), he said he wanted to believe Goldberg hadn't really said that and thought it was a shame. Said there's heat on Jeff Jarrett for how he left the WWF last time so he probably won't be welcomed back anytime soon. JR also hinted that the brand split will come after Wrestlemania and implied that they will be reviving the cruiserweight division. Dave says he's convinced that Vince will never get behind pushing cruiserweights as major stars so he's not holding out hope for that. Said they may bring in Rey Mysterio if they decided to launch a cruiserweight division. Said they'd love to have Eddie Guerrero back but he has to get his personal issues straightened out first. Same with Shawn Michaels, plus they don't know if he could physically do it.
  • ESPN's Bill Simmons wrote an article reviewing Royal Rumble 2002 and Dave thinks it was great. In one piece, Simmons managed to pretty much sum up all of WWF's recent problems while still acknowledging that the show was entertaining. And the link Dave posted for it in 2002 still works!
WATCH: Bill Simmons reviews the 2002 Royal Rumble
  • Unless things change, Chris Jericho is gonna be in an awkward situation next week. Jericho is scheduled to play in a celebrity hockey game as part of NHL All Star Weekend. Who will his celebrity coach be, you ask? Goldberg. As of press time, most people in WWF don't seem to be aware of it and Dave wouldn't be surprised if Jericho gets pulled from it.
  • Booker T was on the Howard Stern show (after his comments last week saying he wasn't a fan of Stern, go figure) and talked about his time in prison and his plans to write a book. He also said he hopes to retire in 2 years which Dave ain't buying (yeah, still about 10 years away from that). He also said someone is suing him over the term "Spinaroonie" because apparently someone else thinks they own the rights to that name. Booker also mentioned that he's dating former Nitro Girl Sharmell Sullivan. Dave notes that they've been dating since WCW and Booker is the one who helped her get hired by WWF, where she's currently in developmental.
  • DDP has also said he plans to retire in 2 years, to become a motivational speaker. This one actually almost happened. He left WWF just 3 months after this and didn't wrestle at all for several years. Then he had a brief run in TNA but he's been mostly retired other than some one-offs ever since.
  • Randy Orton is moving up to the main roster. In his final OVW match, Orton lost clean to Prototype and Dave says it's clear they're grooming Prototype to be the next OVW champion.
WATCH: Randy Orton vs. Prototype - OVW 2002
WEDNESDAY: More on the impending arrival of the NWO, more on the upcoming brand split, cruiserweight division, and more...
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As requested, I will provide DD for NAT, DHT Holdings and MGM based on votes from my previous thread. I'll start with the tankers. (Let me note that I do not expect the general market trend to be positive for the next few weeks)

Preface: Positive Virus news is generally bad for Tanker company share prices.
Current share price: $6.12
EPS Q1 2019: $0.04
EPS Q1 2020 Estimate: $0.26
Earnings: 5/18 (Per NAT website, Thanks u/Nice_Block)
NAT operates Suezmax size tankers, the next step down from VLCC, and daily prices for Suezmax's are considerably less than VLCC. Current spot price is up 141% at $3.92 bpd from March of 2019 to March of 2020. I think that this earnings estimate is roughly accurate, but suezmax vessels have more room for positive price movement as more and more storage is filled to capacity. Suezmax ships allow producers more maneuverability and fluidity to store their oil, as such, turnover rates are higher than VLCC vessels.
Revenues at current prices indicate an earnings estimate closer to $0.36. This is the high end of earnings estimates. Additionally, demand for oil consumption is not likely to improve soon. If anything, a slow reopening of states without ports will not affect tanker company bottom lines and will extend the operating duration of oil producers in the permian. Keep in mind, if oil consumption does not increase, wells will either shut down, or more likely, prices will go negative again. This may have some effect on spot price for tanker transports. That said, spot prices are not likely to diminish significantly in the near future.
As a bonus, NAT recently (like yesterdayish) approved a buyback program to take advantage of increased revenues. This is the best news for NAT holders at this time. Their true intentions will be reflected in the earnings call.
Price Target: $8 in the short term. If quarantine continues through June with no oil production cuts, I would expect at $10+ is possible, but unlikely.
Historical action levels:
One week chart showing some consolidation for a potential breakout:
Note - I suggested this as a bullish play last weekend, and as such my $8 price target was hit on Tuesday. This ship may have already sailed. Pun intended. I would find another trade.
Recommendation: If you are dead set on an NAT play, shares at a reduced price through earnings, or options with expiry longer than 45 days out purchased next week.

DHT Holdings
Current share price: 7.10
EPS Q1 2019: $0.13
EPS Q1 2020 Estimate: $0.57
Earnings: 5/5
DHT operates operates exclusively VLCC tankers, of which the majority are on spot price rental. Current spot price for VLCC tankers up to 180k/day, up from an average of 19k/day this time last year. This is an over 9x increase. NAT is also currently operating more tankers on spot price rental, increasing volume under spot price contract over last year. They currently have 23 of 27 operating on spot pricing.
Historical action levels:
One week chart showing downward channel (Im not sure this trend is completed yet) before potential breakout:
Recommendation: I think the resistance levels for DHT are more relevant than those of NAT, and are also more realistic to be beaten. Calls mid week for EOW earnings at least 2 weeks out. General market sentiment is important for this trade.

Current share price: 15.01
Summary of MGM's plans to reopen casinos:
I would expect the mayor of Las Vegas to attempt to reopen the tourism to the city along with President Trump's guidance. If they are able, they will reopen soon. They likely will not have large scale shows or concert events to draw in customers, but gambling will be open to some extent. I do not expect casinos to see a large influx of patrons, and this will end up being a net negative for them in the coming months as their expenses will increase more than revenues. They may even potentially have to re-close if Covid testing reveals an uptick in cases in the Las Vegas area. That said, their saving grace is Macau, where a significantly large portion of their income is generated. China expects tourism to Macau to increase, but I would take that with a grain of salt.
Given MGM's recent meteoric rise to nearly $18 per share, I think they fall into the sentiment of the rest of the market and will suffer in the coming month. I expect the share price will visit mid-april prices of $13, or potentially lower following a general trend with SPY. Luckily, If you see these prices, I consider MGM a very long term and stable play. They have enough cash on hand to last an entire year with no revenue; a situation that is uncommon at this time. In general, event or discretionary based spending, hospitality and travel will be the last to recover, but this is a commonly assessed sentiment.
Historical action levels: MGM was not surprisingly rejected by the historical support level of $17.50 this week
5 day chart does not provide any major price movement indication.
Recommendation: Sell shares, do nothing until share prices revisit mid-April levels.

As always, feel free to comment and tell me why I'm wrong.
EDIT - I accidentally switched which size tanker each company uses, it has been corrected - Shoutout u/kindlyblacksmith
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May 4th Weekly Watchlist, DD, & BIG Plays

Heres my watchlist for the first couple weeks of May. I'm highlighting some companies that I am bullish on and certain I can profit from at least within the short to mid term. Along with that I'm still recommending for a long term hold in shares, but you can make calls accordingly under your own informed decisions. As a disclaimer I am reminding you this is a source to watch certain stocks that I believe will provide profit return in the near future, however there is no guarantee.
DD* I'm basing my picks off reliability, sustainability, profit margin, financials, past history, news, chart analysis, and sector position. I will provide DD behind my main watchers, the rest will be listed for you to look into.
$DVN ($11.2) - This is one of the only oil/gas companies I would consider and for good reason. Big cash to pay off long term debt including adequate liquidity to navigate the crisis, worth $11b, bullish charts on a weekly basis with good return, good quarterly dividend (raising to 11 cents per share starting next quarter),12 month target price at an avg of $21, the company also recently bought ~$1.8m of its own shares. Analysts are bullish on their revenue, they have beaten EPS consensus last four quarters, Earnings is on May 5th (AH) and it will be much worse than last quarter, however experts are expecting it to beat estimates as usual, likely to gap up the price. Overall they are in a much better financial position than most other oil companies. Keep an eye out this week, this is a great long term hold.
$ERI ($19.12) - down ~ 70% post corona with 65% growth the past month with low point tripling in value, great marginal profitability, on track showing very bullish trends similar to MGM recently, 1.5B market cap, very steady uptrend pre corona with good sustainability. All gambling/casino companies at a low from corona, but are expected to rise substantially in response to quarantines coming to a close and gamblers rushing back into the industry rapidly. ERI was in the process of initiating a deal to buyout Caesars entertainment (CZR) pre corona. Caesars holds the majority of casinos in Las Vegas and the deal would lead to a huge gap in the stocks value. Due to the pandemic the deal has been delayed and both companies have led to more debt in the process. However last week concerns were dropped as rumors show the deal will finalize in June, at the very least the stock will rally short term in anticipation and the LV strip opening. Analysts expect ERI revenue will likely increase to near normal levels faster than most and put them in a better financial position forwardly displaying long term growth.
$ALLY ($15.57) - This is on my top picks for two weeks in a row now. The reason is because we have seen a noticeable dip in the market and this is a great time to pick it up for the next bull run. Here's last weeks DD (still relevant): down ~ 55%, diversified revenues, Zacks rated #1 strong buy, projected earnings growth to stay on track for 2020 at 14.8% post-corona, strong volume, and DIGITAL. With earnings over with, it is looking strong for some growth this quarter and an easy one to make quick profit with.

$DHT ($7.22) - Last week I had another oil tanker company for my wildcard (NAT). This week i'm changing my hopes to DHT. With earnings coming soon DHT is a safer bet to watch because of it's more realistic resistance levels. They are in the same position where they provide the ability to hold and store the oil surplus. DHT has shown steady uptrend the past month and we are currently in a dip, meaning it might be a good entry point to play earnings.

*Watchlist\* (Here are some equally important ones to watch that all show uptrend and breakout potential)
*$MGM ($15.2)
$CNK (13.52)
$LIND ($6.50)
$WH ($36.15)
$LYV ($41)
$CPF ($16.78)
$PK ($8.83)
$APPS ($5.42)
That sums up this weeks watchlist. We might see this market dip continue shortly so pick up some plays while you can and profit on the next run up (this week). I hope you can take info from this list and have a good week!
- Red
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Fantasy Booking - The Elite Chronicles (Part 1)

Hey guys. I'm back with another fantasy booking angle to get stuck into...and this time it's All Elite! All my other work will be linked at the bottom if you want to check it out.
In my opinion, the story between Elite members Hangman Page, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks has been the best thing about AEW since its inception last year. The fact that its still been one of the best angles in recent memory despite all the limitations of today's world, is testament to the quality of the narrative and the talent involved.
With that said, I thought I’d give myself the challenge and pleasure of trying to book an alternate version of this brilliant angle without the restrictions that AEW has dealt with due to the pandemic. After all, it seems criminal that such a good story has largely been forced to play out without a proper live audience.
This booking will run for around a year and implement all kinds of narratives such as the break up of the Elite, the return of the Cleaner and even the formation of the Horsemen. If that sounds interesting then please read on. But anyways, enough of the introduction, lets get into the booking...
To start we go back to March, not long after that match at Revolution…
Blood and Guts, March 25th 2020
At this point, AEW’s tag team division was arguably the hottest thing in the whole of pro wrestling. The six star classic between Omega, Page and the Young Bucks was one of the best matches I’d seen in recent times. After retaining their titles, Omega and Hangman walked out side by side despite all the wonderful post-match teasing.
As we known, on March 25th, AEW scheduled a special edition of Dynamite named Blood and Guts. The show was to be headlined by Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle taking on the Elite in AEW’s version of War Games. So we do that exactly as planned, Jericho, Hager, Guevara, Santana and Ortiz take on Cody, Hangman, Kenny, Matt and Nick in the blow off to the feud that had primarily dominated the opening chapter of Dynamite.
Late in the match, after everyone has entered the steel structure and all hell has broken loose, Kenny and Hangman set up the Buckshot V-Trigger on Sammy but the Spanish God avoids contact resulting in Page buckshotting his tag team partner. Matt Jackson sees this and immediately gets in the face of Hangman, pushing him around. Page responds by delivering a brutal lariat to the older Young Buck.
Unfortunately for Hangman, he has just taken down his only ally left standing. Now he stands all alone as the Inner Circle begin to get to their feet. Hangman looks around at Cody, Kenny and the Bucks, all of whom are on the floor incapacitated, before he is mauled by the Painmaker Posse in a brutal 5-on-1 assault. Jericho locks in a single legged Liontamer on the Hangman whilst Hager grabs his spare limb for the Ankle Lock. Eventually, Hangman passes out to the pain and the Inner Circle are announced as the victors…
AEW Dynamite, April 1st 2020
One week removed for the defeat at Blood and Guts, the Elite are divided as ever. Hangman is made responsible for the loss by the Bucks, especially Matt Jackson, meanwhile Omega keeps relatively quest not wanting to get too involved in the ever growing issues between the pair. Cody, who has largely been absent from this story, wants his friends to get on the same page so he decides that Hangman and Matt should settle their differences one on one, next week during the main event of Dynamite.
AEW Dynamite, April 8th 2020
On the April 8th edition of Dynamite, Hangman and Matt Jackson do battle in the headline match. Matt is accompanied to the ring by his brother and tag team partner Nick however Hangman comes out alone, with no Omega in sight. Kenny has decided to stay and watch from the back, due to having loyalties on both sides. Also by this point he is growing tired of the issues within the group and wants to stay out of it as much as possible.
Hangman beats Matt after countering an attempted Superkick into a Dead Eye for the three count. After the match, the issues between the pair still aren’t over as Matt yet again gets in the face of Page. His younger brother Nick comes in to settle things down but he too gets frustrated with Page for not responding to his attempts. All of a sudden, just like was teased at Revolution, the Bucks hit a Double Superkick to Hangman sending him crashing to the floor.
An interviewer catches up with a departing Kenny Omega in the parking lot, asking for his opinion on what just transpire. Kenny replies saying it was a hell of a match, an impressive win for Adam and a chance to move forward, clearly showing that he didn’t see the post match superkick. When the interviewer informs Kenny of what the Bucks did, Kenny just sighs and angrily gets in the car, leaving the arena to end the show.
AEW Dynamite, April 15th 2020
Next week, Hangman confronts Kenny backstage asking why he wasn't there for him last week. The questions start mounting as to where Kenny’s loyalties actually lie. Are they with Hangman, the Bucks…or too himself? The champions are interrupted by the Young Bucks with Nick Jackson apologising to Hangman for their actions after the match last week, claiming they let their emotions get the better of them. Unwilling to accept their apology, Page storms out the room, beer in hand…
AEW Dynamite, April 22nd 2020
The following week, on the April 22nd edition of Dynamite, Omega and Page defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships against Proud and Powerful. A match given to Santana and Ortiz after they were part of the Inner Circles victory at Blood and Guts. Late in the match, Hangman and Kenny set up the patented Buckshot V-Trigger combination but just like at Blood and Guts, their opponent avoids contact. However, this time, Hangman manages to halt his momentum in order to prevent himself from Buckshotting Kenny.
Santana and Ortiz take advantage of this slight distraction, and beat down both men from behind. They send Hangman out the ring and into the steel steps before heading back inside the squared circle to find a pissed off Omega. Kenny fights back against the odds, using his growing frustrations to get the better of the challengers. He eventually pins Ortiz after a One Winged Angel to retain the belts for his team. However, Kenny isn’t really in the mood for post-match celebrations and hastily walks down the ramp with the gold over his shoulder, leaving Hangman to drink beer with the jubilant fans.
AEW Dynamite, May 6th 2020
A couple weeks later, Kenny and Page defend their titles once more, this time against the Best Friends on the May 6th edition of Dynamite. During the bout, Omega continues to show off a meaner, more serious side to his game, failing to see the humour in fan favourite Orange Cassidy’s ringside antics. The Best Bout Machine even goes as far as to hit a V-Trigger on Freshly Squeezed, much to the audible disappointment of the live audience. In the end, Omega yet again picks up the win for his team, pinning Trent after One Winged Angel.
AEW Dynamite, May 13th 2020
The next week, with Double or Nothing on the horizon, the Bucks come out to the ring to challenge Hangman and Kenny to a rematch of their six star classic at Revolution. The Bucks bring up the fans desire to see a sequel, and ultimately the champions agree to put their titles on the line, meaning that in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Arena, it will be Omega and Page vs the Young Bucks 2 for the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
Double or Nothing, May 24th 2020
Double or Nothing rolls around on the 24th May 2020, live on pay per view. Page and Omega defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships against the Young Bucks in a rematch from their epic at Revolution. However, this time, unlike at Revolution, the Young Bucks manage to exploit the frailties in the relationship between Hangman and Kenny to become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions after yet another classic 25+ minute battle. The finish came when Hangman, trying to impress Omega and the fans, attempted the same double Buckshot Lariat that won his team the first match. Only this time, Nick Jackson caught him with a superkick outside the ring. He then threw him back inside to brother Matt and they hit he Indie Taker to pick up the three count and the championships.
After the match as the Bucks celebrate, Omega enters the ring. Matt and Nick shake hands with the Best Bout Machine before leaving the ring. Kenny looks down at a struggling Hangman, and much like in real life at All Out, he leaves him in the ring, walking away from his tag partner. The fans are left to ponder, what is left of the relationship between the Cleaner and the Hangman…
Also, earlier in the night at Double or Nothing, Dax Harwood and Cash Wilder made their AEW debuts, entering as the surprise final entrants to win the Casino Tag Team Ladder Match and become No. 1 contenders to the AEW Tag Team Championships...

Check out part two below to find out where things go from here now that FTR are All Elite!
>> Part 2 (Fyter Fest - All Out)
Check out some of my other stories...
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Calls on MGM - Las Vegas is OPEN

4th of July weekend is going to be a good measure for how well business is going to do in Q3 and Q4.
Google trends shows that searches for "las vegas hotel" are basically back to normal. Searches for "cheap flights" are still super low. People who can't travel by air will travel by car. Tesla supercharger usage also shows more people on the road. Stocks will do well when casinos report lower than expected vacancies for the weekend.

MGM Jul17C
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May 11th Weekly Watchlist, DD, & Sustainable Companies

This week i'm focusing on long term companies that are sustainable and likely to overcome the crash quicker than most. The bigger companies are always better off in a market crash and are more likely to hold up well. These are also geared towards equity in shares. As a disclaimer I am reminding you this is a source to watch certain stocks that I believe will provide profit return in the near future, however there is no guarantee.
DD* I'm basing my picks off reliability, sustainability, profit margin, financials, past history, news, chart analysis, and sector position. I will provide DD behind my main watchers, the rest will be listed for you to look into.
$LORL ($24.50) - Bullish chart, $89 1 year target price, multiple insider buys above current average, tech sector, 750M market cap, 0.7% float shorted, recent increase in volume. Shareholders that hold record by Thursday May 14th will receive a dividend of $5.50 PER share on Thursday May 28th.
$NCLH ($12.4) - 3.5B liquidity, enough to last 18 months without revenue, 3.12B market cap, likely to start sailing ships in Q3 and gradually more throughout late 2020. Out of all the cruise lines, NCLH is my personal recommendation because they have less debt, and are better financially suited for the pandemic. This is a LONG hold but will certainly have a big return with patience.
$MGM ($15.58) - Very bullish outlook, fast recovery expected as gamblers return to the casinos, will pop when the Las Vegas Strip opens back up in the near future, recently visited near-base support around $13 mid last week and is showing signs of a reversal, will continue to uptrend with the market, 7.6B market cap.

*Watchlist\* (Long sustainable holds with short term possibilities)
$PENN ($18.42)
$BYD ($18.06)
*$DUK ($82)
$OXY ($15.35)
$XOM ($46.48)
$CNK ($14.02)
$ALLY ($15.8)
$HLT ($72.5)
Alright guys that's what i'm watching for this week. Even though these are long term holds these all have strong run ups when the market is bullish, that means short term profit and flipping potential. Enjoy this week and good luck!
- Red
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Help me remove one or more of my gaming/casino companies (PENN, ERI, MGM, WYNN, BYD, RRR)

Currently I have a larger amount of exposure than a prefer to the casino/gaming industry. As far as brick and mortar casinos I have the PENN, ERI, MGM, WYNN, BYD, and RRR. I was trying to sell 1 or 2 of these and either add them into the existing companies I already own or just put it elsewhere.

The 2 candidates I had for removal currently were BYD (Boyd Gaming) and RRR (Red Rock Resorts).
BYD - I feel like the upside is more limited but risk is less as well. They operate casinos around the United States in a combination of populated and more rural areas with a large majority of their revenue from locals (from my research) so I feel like for this company to show improvement in financials I feel will take less time.
RRR - Operations are basically all within the Las Vegas area and one casino in CA. Similar to BYD the large majority of revenue is derived from locals but the risk is higher as your exposure is to mostly only one state/area.

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Following a week of gambling in Las Vegas, Marine Ron Parkhurst was found floating in remote cove of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip with a bullet in the back of his head. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days. His case is still unsolved.

Summary: In June of 1997, Marine Recruiter Ron Parkhurst walked out of his Huntington Beach, CA office and never came back. He packed up his black Ford Mustang, drove to Las Vegas where he spent a week gambling. He checked into a Motel 6 and over the course of a week he made small ATM withdrawls ranging from $60 to $200. He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand. By the end of the week his bank account had only $53.00.
At 4 AM June 18, Parkurst's Mustang was found abandoned on an access road near Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone, his wallet hound but with no license or ATM card. Three days later on June 2 around 10 am a women discovered Parkhurst's body floating in the water. He had been shot by a 45 caliber in the back of the skull.
Some other oddities about this case: Parkhurst was married to a woman named Rebecca whom his family never met. When asked, Ron claimed she was the maid. She claimed his veterans benefits after death, and even listed a son born 1993, although its unclear if Parkhurst is the father. He also allegedly purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. At the time of his death, he lived alone in an apartment in Irvine, California.
The case has remained unsolved for the past 22 years. A year ago Parkhurst's sister Diane Garrett has been in touch with LVPD's cold case unit and hopes for some leads.
What are your theories on Ron's death? Gambling debt gone wrong?
Ron Parkhurst:
Source: article. Pay walled so text below:
Cold case: Sister wants answers in 1997 murder of OC-based Marine by Keith Sharon
His nephews called him the strongest man in the world.
He had a “bright and shiny” bald head, his master sergeant said with a laugh. “You could see him from a mile away. He was quiet, well-mannered. He always stood up straight whether he was in military attire or civilian clothes.”
Ron Parkhurst was a Marine. “A really good Marine,” said Master Sgt. Rene Robles.
Parkhurst was so gung-ho he was made a recruiter, working out of the USMC substation in Huntington Beach. There is no explanation for why in 1997 he walked out of that office, after 13 exemplary years in the military, and never came back. He had a meeting scheduled with the family of a recruit, but he didn’t show.
One late spring afternoon, he ditched his responsibilities, hopped into his black, immaculate Ford Mustang, accompanied only by a vast collection of music on compact discs, and headed to Las Vegas. Inexplicably, he spent a week hitting the casinos. He was wearing cutoff jeans and a red and white T-shirt when he walked out of the MGM Grand on June 18, 1997, the last day of his life.
On June 21, 1997, Ron Parkhurst was found floating in the remote Saddle Island Cove in the waters of Lake Mead about 30 miles from The Strip. The Clark County coroner concluded he had been in the water for about three days.
He had a .45-caliber bullet in the back of his head.
The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police concluded the death was a homicide. The LVMPD report classified the case as “murder WDW” (with a deadly weapon). But “due to the lack of logical investigative leads, this investigation is closed,” the NCIS said in its report from June 1997. The case will be reopened if either the Las Vegas police ask for assistance, or a suspect is identified.
In 22 years, no suspect has been identified, and the Las Vegas police have not asked for help. Although. there is a potential thread to the investigation that has not yet been fully pursued.
“I’ve always felt he was killed execution-style,” said Diane Garrett, Ron’s sister, and mother of the nephews who were impressed with their uncle. “His death was devastating. The family has never been the same afterward.”
Garrett has been in touch recently with the Las Vegas police, where a cold case detective is taking another look at the 22-year-old unsolved murder. Cold case investigator Terri Miller has spoken with Garrett, but did not return a call from the Southern California News Group.
“I was drop-jawed when I heard what happened,” Master Sgt. Robles said. “All of us Marines felt like one of our Marines was down.”
A Marine is still down.
Kept a distance
Parkhurst could run. He was on the cross country team at Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois.
“He was always this kid with an impish kind of personality,” said Garrett, his older sister. “If he got in trouble, he would smile. He never took things seriously. He was always joking.”
After high school, he needed some stability in his life so he picked the military, specifically the Marines. He worked as an aircraft mechanic.
He was stationed for a while in Tennessee where he met Rebecca Carolyn DeLoach, who had been twice divorced. On Valentine’s Day of 1992, Rebecca became his wife.
The strange thing about his marriage was that Parkhurst didn’t tell his family about it. Garrett said she called him once a week – on Sunday nights – and she would ask about Rebecca. Parkhurst never gave details.
“Who was the woman who answered the phone?” Garrett would ask. “He would say, ‘That was the maid.’”
Parkhurst and Rebecca moved to California, so they were far enough away to keep his family guessing. When she filled out military forms as his dependent after his death, Rebecca listed a child named Justin, born in 1993. Parkhurst’s family does not know if he was Justin’s father.
Robles said that by the time he met Parkhurst in 1995 or early 1996, he told everyone he was single. Rebecca was not invited by his family to his funeral.
Attempts to reach Rebecca for comment in this story were unsuccessful.
Piecing together details
In 1997, Parkhurst was living alone in an apartment on Thunder Road in Irvine.
Suddenly, in June, he dropped out of his life and went to Vegas. He checked into a Motel 6. He made several small ATM withdrawals, none more than $200, during the last week of his life, including a withdrawal of $60 on June 18, 1997. That final transaction left $53.85 in his checking account.
He was seen several times between June 15 and 18 at the MGM Grand.
At 4 a.m. on June 18, Parkhurst’s Mustang was found abandoned on an access road next to Lake Mead. His CD collection was gone. His wallet was found, but it had no driver’s license or ATM card inside. Garrett said she has been told by police that a witness saw another car speeding away from Parkhurst’s Mustang.
Three days later, on June 21, just before 10 a.m., a woman discovered Parkhurst’s body in the water. He had been shot in the occipital area of the skull. Police were able to get DNA samples from the car, but they proved to be inconclusive.
Police searched Parkhurst’s Irvine apartment five days after his body was discovered.
The report said Parkhurst may have purchased a life insurance policy in the months before his death. But there is no follow-up report about the investigation into that potential lead.
Robles, who was Parkhurst’s supervisor in Huntington Beach, flew to Las Vegas to identify his body. Parkhurst was buried in his dress blues, and Robles accompanied the casket to Parkhurst’s family home in Peoria, Illinois.
Everyone on the plane was asked to remain seated while Parkhurst’s casket was taken off the plane.
“Everyone was staring out the windows of the plane,” Robles said. “His parents were very hurt. They were in shock. Disbelief.”
Parkhurst was given an honor guard funeral with a flag-folding ceremony.
A $5,000 reward was established for information leading to an arrest. No one ever claimed the reward.
Leonard and Nancy Parkhurst, Ron’s parents, both died in the 22 years since his murder. Garrett said her parents wouldn’t talk about his death to her or at family gatherings.
“It was never spoken of,” she said.
A year ago, she was going through her parents’ belongings when she found the extensive Judge Advocate General report on her brother’s death.
She started contacting people mentioned in the report.
She has considered advertising on a billboard in Orange County.
“This is something I’ve had rolling around in my brain – a billboard,” Garrett said. “It would say, ‘Do you know what happened to this person?’”
She said the Las Vegas police are taking a new look at the case, and the cold case investigator has asked permission to begin interviewing people such as Rebecca Parkhurst and a “person of interest.”
So far, Garrett doesn’t know if the new investigation has been launched.
“Somebody has to know something,” Garrett said. “I want to know what happened.”
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James Bond needs to Retire...

This is a tough one for me because I’m a huge, lifelong James Bond fan. I’ve seen every movie multiple times, and I own the entire DVD box set.
A couple months ago there was a lot of talk about casting Idris Elba as the next James Bond, or casting a female actor as the iconic British spy, and the traditional identity war inevitably broke out on Twitter. MRAs and closet (or not so closet) racists fumed at having their character taken away from them, while woke twitter celebrated this as a victory for diversity. Initially I sided firmly with Woke Twitter: it’s great that the character would appeal to a wider audience outside the cis, straight white dudes like me that make up the majority of the hardcore fan base. But over time I’ve come to realize that the Twitter misogynists and racists are right: James Bond is their character, and he cannot fundamentally be uncoupled from their toxic views on masculinity and race.
Therefore it’s time for James Bond to lose his 00 status and go into permanent retirement.
James Bond embodies everything that is toxic about white, western male identity. He has no close friends, no trusted confidants (except for the weird surrogate-mother relationship he had with M towards the end of the Craig-Bond series), and no healthy love interests. Instead he drives sweet cars, wears incredibly nice clothes, sports expensive watches, drinks Heineken (???), and solves nearly every problem he has with violence. He’s the quintessential ideal of the traditional western white male, and we love him for it. He is the masculine ideal of every shitty pickup artist and MGTOW that inhabits the manosphere. Bond Babes represent the ideal that women, especially sexy foreign (mostly European) women, are fuckable, but they’re not lovable or respectable.
Sure MGM took pains to ensure that he wasn’t as blatantly racist and sexist as he used to be, but they cannot fundamentally eliminate the toxic basis of the character. Even when they try to be “woke” and include strong female characters, it just makes it even more painfully obvious how deeply problematic the character is.
I loved how hard Bond fans tried to defend Bond’s love interest in SPECTRE: hey she’s not some dumb blonde who’s only there to look hot, she’s a brilliant doctor with her own opinions and much stronger sexual agency! Which is why she puts none of that characterization to use and spends the whole movie looking hot, banging James Bond, and having the events of the movie happen to her while other characters actually influence and drive the plot. If she actually did something, it would detract down the fact that this is a James Bond movie about super cool James Bond.
The series is even worse on race. Again MGM has taken strides to eliminate the more blatantly problematic aspects of the older films, but IMO it’s almost worse that James Bond is fighting other, evil western white guys in most of the movies. At least if he was fighting racial stereotypes of the locales the movies are set in the local people would have some kind of agency and power in the plot: instead they’re relegated to being hot chicks that Bond hooks up with and background characters. Remember all those great, memorable Thai characters in The Man with the Golden Gun? You know, like “Casino Worker 3,” “Bond’s local guide,” and “Angry Floating Market Vendor.” Actual characters with goals, emotions, and opinions? Forget that! Thai people are essentially relegated to being paddy hat wearing set dressing who get their fruit stands exploded while the real (read: white/western) characters duke it out in their country without any involvement or input from the locals.
Sure it’s good that we aren’t sexualizing non-white foreign women anymore, a real problem that supports the horrifying and dehumanizing human sex trafficking and sex tourism industries worldwide. But by casting all of James Bond’s love interests as European, you essentially make the locality entirely superfluous. It’s just a nice set where westerners play out their stories. It might as well just take place in themed casinos on the Las Vegas strip.
And I don’t even want to get into the imperialist undertones of having Bond work as an MI-6 agent...
Casting a person of color or of a different gender only launders this toxic, racist attitude through the most basic veneer of identity. Idris Elba would essentially have the same shitty attitude as any other James Bond lead, and the same goes for casting a “Jane Bond” in the role. If you strip all that toxicity away from the character, if you cast a woman of color from outside of Britain who wears normal clothes, takes public transit, and works to empower local communities, you’ve essentially created a character that bears no resemblance or thematic tie to any other Bond movie.
Bond is the brand ambassador to the racist, imperialist, and toxically masculine consumer culture of the largely white, western male identity. He cannot be separated from this attitude, it defines the character. As such we don’t need a black James Bond, or a female James Bond, or a genderqueer James Bond.
We don’t need James Bond at all.
EDIT: so I want to clarify a few things and add on to this.
First and foremost I don’t think that James Bond movies should be banned, I like them a lot and I think they are an interesting cultural relic of a bygone era. They are also, admittedly a fun series of movies.
My argument is that James Bond is fundamentally a problematic representation of a man, precisely because he isn’t really a character. How is it possible that he’s been in 24 movies and not really been a character?
Try this: describe James Bond to a friend without stating (1) what he looks like, (2) what he wears, or (3) what his job description is. It’s really, really tough to do. I guess he’s... patriotic (but doesn’t really talk about it that much - Bond is not an explicitly political character), he’s a womanizer, he has no qualms about killing people, he’s suave, I guess he kind of cares about his friends in certain movies (Quantum of Solace being the big one, even though it’s kind of glossed over that he essentially sent Rene Mathis to be tortured by MI6... but Rene is kinda over it so I guess things are OK), and that’s kind of it.
Compare to say, Jason Bourne. Like Bond, Bourne is also a trained killer who has been built by his government to act as an anonymous assassin (and can also speak multiple languages, which I don’t think Bond ever could). However that’s really only old Jason Bourne, who the movie never really shows in any real detail. With memory loss Bourne you see a man that fundamentally does not want to fill that role anymore, he is a strong person with a moral compass who doesn’t really want to kill people or take part in his governments machinations. By losing his memory he’s been reset to his default, he cares about people, he’s fallen in love, he’s experienced loss, he’s angry about the situation he finds himself in, and he uses the tools he didn’t really have a choice in getting to outsmart forces that are working against him. There’s more depth in 3 Bourne movies than there are in 24 Bond movies.
So what does this matter? It matters because Bond is, essentially, a blank character that the (usually male) audience can enter into and picture themselves as. It’s why Bond is uniquely problematic to a male audience: we are expected to live vicariously through James Bond to an extent not shared by other characters. What do we do as James Bond in these films? Womanize, shoot people, kinda mess up foreign countries, and look cool in nice clothes. There are no consequences for any of these actions (the movies practically reset by the beginning of the next one). The Cuban government doesn’t get all angry at Britain when one of their agents blows up a medical facility in the center of Havana, even though he could have killed a ton of people. It’s just sort of given that they don’t care. It’s essentially a rehashing of old British serials from the hight of the British Empire: which I think is a real serious problem.
I said before that James Bond isn’t explicitly political, but implicitly he is extremely political: he represents the dominance of the western world and the western social and economic structure over the globe. Bond works for a powerful western country; he is defined by luxury goods that are associated with the west; he goes to foreign countries, but he doesn’t really explore them or interact with them in any way, they’re just visual set dressings that action scenes take place in. You could move Die another Day to practically any other country and the story would largely remain the same. Sure these views aren’t explicitly stated, but the character of Bond cannot exist in a world where this global order isn’t in place. He is the personification of some of the darkest and most toxic views of white, western men.
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Gunshots downtown right now?

My sister is downtown hearing gunshots running for her life and there is no news coverage what the fuck is going on down there
A video of the concert being interrupted by gunshots.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOVED ONE: 1-866-535-5654 FAMILY REUNIFICATION CENTER: Metro Headquarters at 400 South MLK Blvd Building B
Donate blood at United Blood Services at 6930 W Charleston or 601 Whitney Ranch Dr. PLEASE DONATE BLOOD.
Confirmed info: One shooter , 64 year old man , shot from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay into the festival. He then turned the gun on himself after 10-15 minutes of shooting. He has 8-10+ rifles in the room with him. Man is from Mesquite (not Las Vegas) , Nevada , and is said to have operated alone.
The alleged man with a rifle walking in the Bellagio employee entrance was CONFIRMED TRUE, it was a good Samaritan, trying to help, in the least helpful way. The man just had his guns on him , and took of to try and save lives. The thoughts were right, the process was not.
Reports of gunfire from anywhere BUT the Mandalay Bay are false, all shots originated from the Mandalay. Again: Shooter acted alone, and it is believed his girlfriend was not involved.
As of right now, 9:39am the casualties are 58 people killed, and 500+ injured, in the deadliest Mass Shooting in American history. There are plenty of videos of the gunfire, before during and after, however I do not feel the need to keep linking them here.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and compliments. I do not see myself a hero im just a 19 year old kid he needed his sister alive and home, though there were many REAL heroes on the strip last night, people assisting in loading the injured to hospitals, officers and LVMPD and LVPD came together to neutralize any threats, and save as many people as we could. This is a tragic day I will certainly never forget, and I urge everyone to fully read my live edits below, as even now as I look back through them, it still scares me to relive the panic I was in trying to locate my sister.
I might reiterate my story and my sisters below, but don't count on it yet. There is a lot more to her story and I'm not fully willing to ask her if I can tell the whole world about it.
Lastly, I'd like to comment on my lack of confirm able information: Anything I said was "CONFIRMED" was information I was hearing off the Police Scanner, or information off the news. Much of this was later unconfirmed, but during the live events I felt it was best to be posting ALL information from the event so that if anything was true, people would know where NOT to go. The Rifleman in Bellagio was true, and I didn't want anyone running there, even though the guy wasn't involved. I was doing my best to condense as much information as I could, and i was not totally accurate. To those saying: "don't post the live details of police" I really don't think if you're the shooter(s) in this event, the first thing you're doing is updating Reddit, but if youre being shot at, you might be checking Reddit for a "what the fuck where do i go whats going on" update.
( First gun shots were 10:08 PM. I believe this post was at 10:11 PM, it was posted before officers arrived, and before there was anything on the Scanners. First EDIT was around 10:17 or 10:18, and the edits there after were about a minute apart until the 10:29 Edit where i started using Timestamps. )
10:59 at least 8 critical injuries on scanner in last T minutes. Many going to Sunrise Hospital
11:02 so many injuries being confirmed on the scanner.
11:03 FOX5 News says All clubs are closed and locked down. My sister is MGM employee her boss says ALL MGM properties ( all the strip really ) is on LOCKDOWN. STAY SAFE PLEASE
11:05 scanner just said 3 shooters UNCONFIRMED. HACIENDA AND TROP/ VEGAS ?? Has bodies / shooters. Not sure when last shots were fired. Tropicana Offramp Is CLOSED
11:06 so many fucking injuries being reported. SCanner says multiple 419's? Scanner saying DO NOT WORRY ABOUT INJURED, NEUTRALIZE THREAT.
11:13 my sister saying airport feeling unsafe maybe more gunmen fuck fuck fuck
11:22 STRIKE TEAMS CLEARING MANDALAY 32 29 and CASINO FLOORS. Teams on starwells
CHAOS PEOPLE. ITS CHAOS. ASSUME SHOTS EVERYWHERE STAY SAFE. outside world , assume shots only Mandalay Ali baba and Tropicana. Maybe NYNY and maybe Excalibur
11:46 I'm hearing way less injury , way more negative gunshots.
Freeways are dead, cops all over. UPDATE 12:15 215 IS CLOSED BY AIRPORT FUCK OP is wlive. Got my sister.
OP is home and safe. One suspect down. Two dead.
My story: sister was 20 ft from the stage, texted us immediately "gunshots." She hid behind a bar, had ricochets hitting the bar, thought shooter was on floor coming closer. She ran out, someone hooked their truck to a fence and pulled it down. She jump through the fence with her boyfriend , and they ran to a private airport thing. Stole a golf cart, got a bunch of people to safety. I left to get her , she made it to just north of McCarran airport , I broke some laws to get there , but pulled in and grabbed my sister her boyfriend , his aunt and 4 other girls piled into my car. One girl was shot in the leg . Dropped the 4 girls off with a friend of theirs at the airport, drove to fire station 19 and dropped his aunt with his uncle there. Drove home , and currently am at home.
That's the jist. I may update more details. I am a 19 year old UNLV student. She is 21.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and helping the information flow. I apologize for inaccuracies throughout the night and I'm just glad it's all over.
Goodnight everyone. See you in class tomorrow !
9:04am : I'm awake now, reading some comments and replying. I've calmed down quite a bit , but what a stressful night. I'll update with any confirmed info I can find
9:34am: Moving edits to the top now.
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Vegas Trip is coming up! Looking for advice, comments, etc

Wall of text coming, will be a TL;DR (Too long didn't read) at the bottom if you want to skip this.
My wife and I are going to Vegas in 2 weeks! (My second time). We have 4 days at New York/New York (comped from MGM) heading to Anaheim for 3 days to check out Disneyland and some escape rooms. When we come back we will be staying at the D (that's to their generosity) before leaving to come back home.
Our bankroll will be about $200-250 per day (any money left from the previous day we split and add to the next day. Worked well for us last year). This will make life difficult on the strip. We plan to play mostly at Excalibur. My wife mostly plays slots, so I'll likely end up at other strip casinos so I'll need something to do. Any idea what the limits are for bubble craps machines on the strip? Are there any cheaper ones at MGM or Caesars properties? (Min $1-3 would be awesome, but I know that is dreaming). We plan to see Shin Lim at the Mirage so we will likely play something before the show. We also plan to see Mat Franco at the Linq, so I'm guessing my wife will want to play some slots there, so I'll be hoping for some cheaper bubble craps as well.
We plan to take a day to travel to other parts of Las Vegas. I plan to go towards the Boulder Strip and play craps at Joker's Wild and any other cheaper places over on that side of town (suggestions welcome). I know that those areas have a lot of locals, new dealers and slower play, which I'm fine with. Hoping to find some of those cheap tables out that way.
We also considered heading towards the north end to check out the Aliante Casino and any others up there. We won't be in Vegas in time to check out the Hard Rock, which we never went into and never got to go into Hooters.
We plan to be downtown for a large portion of our trip (we have a rental) and play at Golden Gate, the D and Four Queens. We didn't play at the California or Main St last time, so we plan to check them out since we have a Boyd property close to home. We love downtown and except to spend much of our time there. We did stay and play at Fremont last time (since it was comped from play at our local Boyd casino), but it wasn't our favorite place. We never went into Golden Nugget since it seemed more expensive at night and Binions we spent maybe 15 minutes there. The Plaza we only ate there, but never had a chance to play.
My wife hit a jackpot at Golden Gate last year and loved the D so we plan to spend a lot of time there. They have a horse racing game upstairs that uses tokens, didn't get a chance to play it last time. We also both appreciate the dancing dealers. As well, they have a table game that is poker but has wilds. It was pretty fun and we could play for quite a while before starting to lose money.
We also want to hit the El Cortez to play the old slot machines with quarters/tokens and check out their craps tables.
On our trip to California, we considered stopping by some of those casinos in Primm (Buffalo Bills, Whiskey Petes, Primm Valley) because they look like fun dive places we could spend an hour or two at, get something to eat and break up our drive. Any experience with those?
If we run out of money, we plan to check out the Neon Museum, the Pinball Museum and take in some people watching. As well, I didn't get into all of the strip casinos (like the Cosmo, Cromwell and a few others to get my $1 chip).
All in all, we have a lot we want to do in a short period of time. More travel means less money spent on gambling right?
The TL;DR - looking for cheap bubble craps options on the strip, cheap places to play off the strip, craps parlours/old places to play that I should check into.
Any suggestions are welcome.
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[LA PRESS CONFERENCE] Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor with live coverage

Date: Tuesday July 11, 2017
Time: 2:00 PM PDT, 5:00 PM EDT, 10:00 PM BST
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
TV: CBS Sports Network (US)
Online: Showtime Sports


12 rounds

super welterweight division

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor
49(26)-0 RECORD 21(18)-3 [MMA]
53% KO % 75%
40 AGE 28
147 lbs LAST 5 AVG WEIGHT 156.1 lbs
5'8" HEIGHT 5'8"
72" REACH 74"
Las Vegas, Nevada HOMETOWN Dublin, Ireland
5(0)-0 LAST 5 4(3)-1 [MMA]
-500 MONEYLINE* +600
26(10)-0 IN LAS VEGAS 4(3)-1 [MMA]
3(2)-0 VS UNDEFEATED 2(2)-1 [MMA]
1394(961)-211-43 TOTAL OPP. RECORD 249(187)-79 [MMA]
84% TOTAL OPP. WIN % 76%
58% OPP. KO % 57%
Live coverage from inside the arena
The actual press conference should begin around 2:30 PDT. We are hosting today's presser thread. The next thread will be hosted over at /mma.
We out here
Empty stage
Say what you will about this fight but it's a spectacle already. Tons of fans here.
They're showing videos of the circus ringwalk from the Maidana fight to pass time. Picture
Problem and OT Genasis performing
There is no UFC branding present whatsoever. It begs the question of why is Dana White here? What's his role in all of this?
Espinoza is saying this fight will be available on all platforms.
Fans booing the presence of any figureon the screen not McGregor.
The fight will be available on closed circuit at all MGM casinos.
McGregor making jokes about Floyd not being able to afford a suit.
McGregor claims that Floyd wanted him to box him.
Mayweather claims that McGregor made $3 million in his last fight.
Mayweather claims that he's the A-side because it's happening in a boxing ring.
Mayweather thanks Dana White, MGM, and McGregor's team.
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Madame X Tour, stop 4 -- The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV

Another three concert stop, and apparently the first to stick to the originally announced dates without any scheduling conflicts. The shows for Vegas:
The Colosseum is part of the Caesers Palace casino on the Las Vegas Strip, it opened in 2003 and Celine Dion was the inaugural artist to perform there. Many of Madonna's previous swings through Vegas have seen her play at the MGM Grand, across the street and a bit south of Caesers Palace, but those were the larger arena-style shows.
Hope anyone who goes to see her in Vegas has a wonderful time!
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Random observations from a fan who stayed at the same hotel/casino as most of the Starrcast Wrestlers and Media members.

So anyone who looked into Starrcast II noticed that the official Hotel/Casino for the event (and the second location for some events) was the Tuscany which is located about a mile from Caesars Palace slightly off the Las Vegas strip.
I (and a ton of wrestling fans) ended up staying there this weekend as well, I ran into and saw a ton of the Starrcast wrestlers, in fact I think I ended up meeting more just by staying at the same hotel than if I purchased meet and greets from Starrcast.
Here are some random observations from interacting with them this weekend.
Spoiler Alert: Nothing salacious went on that I noticed, so its all positive stuff below:
Joey Janela - Absolutely cool guy and easy to approach, genuinely seemed touched when fans would come up and say they were fans of his. Also the bad boy thing is not a gimmick, the dude can fucking drink and party.
MJF - In character the entire weekend. Dressed in his suit making disgusted faces at every wrestling fan he would see in an AEW t-shirt, and this was just him walking around the Casino floor at Caesars. This guy is a fucking legend already.
Hornswoggle - Was in the casino pretty much the entire time, another easily approachable dude, and was a favorite of the casino dealers/staff who all said he was a really nice guy and they legitimately liked him the best of all the wrestlers staying there. He seemed to really enjoy talking to the Whatculture guys.
Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat - Funniest moment of the weekend was when one of the craps dealers at the Tuscany tried to talk Stevie Ray into playing craps. Seeing this made my weekend and I couldn't stop laughing. She was trying to give him the "hard sell" on why he should play, and he kept telling her how she was trying to take his money, to his credit he stood his ground and he never ended up playing craps. On a side note every fan that approached him he would actually take the time to talk to them for a bit. He kept asking me how much money the casino was taking from me when he saw me at a table.
Blue Meanie - Meanie attended a few of the Starrcast panels just as a regular fan, if someone noticed him he would "too sweet them" say hi and would talk to fans.
Matt Stryker - Would stop, shake hands and talk to any fan who approached him. He also handled the curveball of a random fan trying to "hijack" the Talk is Jericho Podcast when we realized Jericho wasn't actually showing up. Instead of just kicking the fan off the stage, he rolled with it and was totally cool about it.
Also Matt went out of his way to help out a fan who was trying to get a picture with (Tommy Dreamer I think?) Anyway the fan was let down by Jericho not showing up and asked for Matt's help in trying to find Tommy (That's why I assume it was Dreamer) and Matt told him he would go find Tommy for him. I left before the conclusion of this so I don't know if it happened but I thought it was a cool gesture by Matt Stryker.
Dave Meltzer - Holy shit is this guy revered by just about everyone. When he arrived to the MGM Grand he was mobbed by fans who wanted pictures with him. He was totally cool about it. I was able to say hi to him a few times at the hotel and he was very pleasant but you can always tell that his brain is in "Wrestling Observer" mode.
Alicia Atout - Would always stop to talk to fans and take pictures with them, even outside of her own meet and greet. I'm not gonna lie I was too intimidated to go up and say hi to her. She's like an 11/10 and I'm exactly what MJF says I am.
Honestly most of the Wrestlers were able to walk around normally throughout the weekend without being bothered too much (Except Uncle Dave at the MGM Grand) and most fans were respectful of their time, and anytime I noticed a fan approach a WrestlePersonality they always seemed to be very friendly. I was really impressed.
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